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MYFOXNY.COM – In today’s image-conscious society people are always concerned with how they look. Models, actors, and even housewives and husbands are going in for cosmetic improvements.

But are people really concerned with how they’ll look in the end? People are requesting and getting cosmetic procedures even after they’re gone — from Botox, to lip injections, to line fillers.


Funeral director John Vigliante accepts the challenge of presenting the deceased in a recognizable fashion. The most common post mortem request — lips.

“We do similar procedures as Botox and things like that to make that person appear the way they should,” he says. “We do similar things that what a plastic surgeon would do on the lips and so on.”

Vigliante says many are putting the post mortem cosmetic requests into their wills, and loved ones feel the need to fulfill their final wishes.

The cost for post mortem cosmetic restoration can range anywhere from $800 to $1,200. For more visit www.branchfh.com

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