Meet Hudson

Our Certificated Therapy Dog, Hudson our on-staff Comfort Companion. Being a hypoallergenic goldendoodle, Hudson is here to comfort all who needed his care and affection. Being certified and fully trained Grief Therapy Dog, Hudson’s job is to provide comfort and love to families during visitations and services as well as helping during counseling sessions. Hudson also visits local nursing homes, hospices, and schools in the Smithtown and Miller Place areas of Long Island.


Research has shown that the power of touch and the animal-human bond has been proven over and over again to provide a therapeutic effect for both humans and animals. Numerous studies have found supportive evidence for positive mental and physical health benefits from being near animals and touching them. This interaction causes positive endorphins to be released throughout the human body. Hudson uses his healing ability to assist our families and loved ones during some of life’s hardest moments.

Would you like to meet Hudson, contact us today at 631-724-9500 or 631-744-9700  

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