Whether you choose to pre-plan with your family, prearrange or prepay, make a decision that feels right. Taking steps to being prepared provides a wide range of benefits for you and for your family; including the ability to:

  • Make Your Wishes Known – to your family and your funeral director. Create a permanent record for future use. 
  • Educate Yourself – about the many decisions involved in planning a funeral. Your choices are nearly limitless and narrowing decisions ahead of time can help. 
  • Make Arrangements  when you and your loved ones have more time and a clearer perspective, rather than when you or your family are under stress. 
  • Receive More Input – from your family, which is who a funeral is really for. This also helps prevent disagreements about your wishes, giving your family a clear idea of the type of service you want. 
  • Gain Peace of Mind – that comes with knowing that your needs and wishes have been made known and the details taken care of. 
  • Alleviating the Responsibility – from your family for making these kind of decisions during an already difficult time from grief. 
  • Assurance – that informed, thoughtful decisions have been made about the funeral home provider 
  • Protect Yourself – against unforeseen costs and emotional overspending. 

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