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  1. This is the first picture I remember taking with my mom. She was beautiful then, and is a beautiful angel now, at the side of the lord in paradise. I love you so much mom and I’ll miss you more than you will ever know.
    Love , Rita ❤️

  2. This picture of my mom and I was taken the day I graduated from Army Airborne School. She was so proud of my service in the military that she bragged to everyone about it. I used to get so tickled at how “neat” she thought everything about the Army was. There are many pictures and memories, but this one is my favorite. No mote pain, nor more suffering, no more fighting. Just peace. I’ll miss you everyday, and love you always. I am blessed to have had you in my life. Rest in peace mom.


  3. This picture of my mom and I was taken the day I graduated from Army Airborne School. She was so proud of my service in the military that she bragged to everyone about it. I used to get so tickled at how “neat” she thought everything about the Army was. There are many pictures and memories, but this one is my favorite. No mote pain, nor more suffering, no more fighting. Just peace. I’ll miss you everyday, and love you always. I am blessed to have had you in my life. Rest in peace mom.


  4. Mom was a huge fan of both of her sons being in the military. The pictures show one of her and my brother at a rally for support of the troops during Desert Storm. The other shows me and Mom after I returned home. I remember driving for 21 hours to get the house after signing out on leave. Before I arrived at the house I stopped and changed into the uniform I wore during Desert Shield/Storm. I had stopped an bought her a large bouquet of flowers. I wanted my arrival to be a surprise so I didn’t tell her. I remember while deployed the numerous letters she sent and care packages. She was very worried. But I will never forget the look on her face when I arrived home. I love you Mom. Thank you for being so wonderful.

  5. Diane was a very caring and loving sister in Christ. Mikes devotion to her is the beautiful example of how Christ loves the church. I was blessed to have known her and witness this kind of love
    Liz Hyland

  6. Diane was a tremendous person and a light to all who knew her. Sending prayers to her husband Mike who stood by her until she left this earth and entered the arms of her Savior, Jesus Christ. – love you all! Pastor Brock

  7. Diane was always so sweet and hospitable. All our memories of her are good ones. What a blessing to know we will see her again someday.
    -Laura & Tom Kelleher

  8. Lord,

    Dear Lord,I know Mike’s heart feels like a thousand knives are running through it. He weary, spent, and just so sad. Please, help him! Hear his prayers. Hold him and his family up. Give him strength. Be present. Be persistent in your love. Carry him through this heartache. Sustain him. Bring him joy and hope.
    In Jesus Name I pray, Amen.

    Bob and I did not know Diane very well but the few times we went to see her we knew right away she loved the LORD. She is sweet and kind and we will miss her. The last time we saw her she wanted to teach me origami. I know Diane is in the arms of Jesus right now.
    Rev. 21:4 and He will wipe away every tear from their eyes; and there will no longer be any death; there will no longer be any mourning, or crying, or pain; the first things have passed away.”
    In Christ, Gail and Bob Campo

  9. Diane was a unique individual who while engaged in a conversation with you would stare at you with penetrating eyes that reached into your soul, and then she would respond in a way that was often times shocking in clarity and insight. This made her sometimes sarcastic sense of humor quite effective, and frankly, hilarious. Even in her final years when you thought she wasn’t there, she often was, and her timing was perfect. It is easy to see why Mike was so devoted to “Di.” We grieve at her passing and for the pain Mike is experiencing, but we rejoice that now she is in her perfected state, and that Heaven sees her in all her glory. Praise God!! Bless you, Brother.
    Doug & Bonnie

  10. Mike, Michael, Jim and Rita,
    Diane was one snazzy, amazing woman; she touched the lives of many. She had the ability to make you smile by just entering a room. Mike, Di and kids, you were with us from Camp DeWolf to our church building at Wading River Baptist We had many fun and unforgettable times together. We will never forget this truly incredible woman. We can’t express how much she will be missed in your lives. You being the closest to her and having been beside her through these years when she needed you most is a true expression of unconditional love. I know that I can never possibly understand the terrible loss you are suffering. But do know that our thoughts and prayers are with you all. Our deepest condolences to you and your family.” May you take comfort in God’s love, the love of friends and family during this difficult time. We are here for you.
    Love you all,
    Jim and Janet Perry

  11. What a dear and special friend Diane was that has given me so many memories. She had a heart for the seniors and was always there for them to drive them to doctors appointments or shopping. How many years she was a part of the Ladies prayer group, one of the pillars of the group. We all called her the Senior Saint’s mascot because she always dressed in a costume for the luncheons to personify the theme of the luncheon. My mother especially loved her as her favorite person at WRBC. She made bouquets of flowers out of construction paper and gave them to everyone – I still have mine. She was an artist, had a special way with her parakeet and kept up with the correspondence of the church sending out birthday cards, get well cards and just staying in touch. She was special and will forever be in my heart. Thank you for being my forever friend. Joan

  12. Diane was a warm, wonderful woman with a beautiful smile and caring heart. I first met her at the ladies prayer group where she was a support and inspiration to me. She will be missed. Our thoughts and prayers are with Mike and family .

    Melissa Barget

  13. Diane was a gem. She was a loving and kind woman who cared about others. She brought laughter and enjoyment to us. She used her gifts to bring blessing to others. She made lovely little outfits for children in our ministry with such love. She suffered greatly and those who loved her hurt deeply for her; and her caring and faithful husband Mike walked these difficult years by her side. We do grieve her passing. We also know in the presence of her Lord and Savior, she suffers no more, and for that we rejoice with her. May God bring great comfort to Mike and all who loved her. —Love, Marvin and Denise Robinson

  14. Some Christians know how to bless the heart of a pastor. Diane was one of the first who touched my life in this way. Most pastors love books, and the first memory that comes back to me was when the Pqndolfinis were getting ready to move from their home at the end of Tyler to their new, down-sized house up the road. Diane offered me their complete set of Encyclopedia Britannica for free. I enthusiastically accepted, and that set of books sat on my study shelf until the day I left Wading River. In fact, I left them there for Pastor Brock, and even though they are quite old now (1976 edition), they are still useful. Thank you, Diane.
    Then I will never forget how Diane was one of three women in the church who never forgot Pastor Appreciation month. Every October, I would receive a card from her, expressing her appreciation. That made a big impression on me. Of course, there were also cards at birthdays and Christmas, etc. Thank you, Diane.
    Everyone who has been (or was at) Wading River Baptist Church throughout my ministry–as the Pandolfinis were–knows that we had several seasons of turmoil, dissension, and division. In the midst of these trials–and they were severe–the Pandolfinis stood like a rock against the battering winds of hostility and opposition. Their support for me never wavered, even at points where they couldn’t understand what was going on. To the end of my life, I will never forget their faithfulness, love, and commitment to the Lord, the church, and to Maureen and me. Thank you, Mike and Diane!
    One of the enduring memories I will always have of Mike and Diane is their support for our missionaries. Mike was a consistent communicator with our missionary family, and when they visited our area, he and Diane would often provide hospitality. Our missionaries knew the Pandolfinis; they regarded them as special friends (they were especially close to Marv and Denise Robinson). Mike pushed us in leadership to be more involved personally and financially with our missionary family. I especially remember how they regularly visited one of our retired missionaries, Carol Elliott, who was confined to a nursing home in New Jersey, and had largely been forgotten, even by her family and commissioning church. Mike and Diane never forgot! Again, thank you, Mike and Diane.
    In addition, the Pandolfinis were hospitable to their pastor and his family. They had us for meals. She was a character–a genuinely fun person. When Katie broke her arm (she was in kindergarten), Diane gave her a cloth doll for which she had made a sling, so that it looked like Katie. Maureen was privileged to have Diane confide in her concerning her past and expressing her desire to be used by the Lord. Maureen still has that letter, and cherishes it to this day.
    Diane was avidly committed to the church choir. She was a regular attender and the life of the party with her costumes at Senior Saints. It was so difficult to see her sidelined by the Parkinson’s Disease. She was clearly suffering, and often expressed to me her struggle in trying to understand the Lord’s providence in allowing her pain. And yet in the end, she suffered nobly–not without tears, but also never giving up on the Lord she loved, and upon whom we are assured she now gazes in unfettered love. Of all of those fellow brothers and sisters in Christ whom I have had the privilege of knowing and serving in four churches over 40+ years of ministry, Diane has been one of the two who have exemplified grace and perseverance in prolonged suffering (Kathleen Fitzgerald was the other). They are now two sisters in glory who have been delivered from their suffering! What a reunion that must have been in heaven this past week!
    We will always remember Diane with joy and enduring appreciation for her kindness to us, among the many others to whom she extended herself. She was a bright and shining star in the life and ministry of Wading River Baptist Church. Mike, in spite of all the hardships, you have every reason to be proud of the woman God gave you to share your spiritual journey. We pray for His special comfort for you at this season. May His blessings abound to you in many, and even unexpected, ways!

    Pastor Ron and Maureen Glass
    Greenville, South Carolina

  15. Don and Debi Meyer

    People come in your life and stay a short time others come in and will last forever. That would be “Diane”, we met at Oasis her smile was so big, her timing in humor was spot on, her love for mike was in her eyes, her kindness was plentiful.
    Mike and Diane were devoted to each other and god. Mike would be by her side everyday coaching her on. I‘M glad the last time we saw you I gave you a kiss and said I love you see you tomorrow, I didn’t get that chance but I will cherish the last day I saw you. Your strength was amazing you fought so hard! Rest In Peace our friend.

  16. I’ve missed you so much, Grandma and always will. Your spirit was so bright and fun. I’ll always imagine you looking down on us from the clouds, living your best life with your iconic locks. Just please know I am so grateful for the special bond we created before time ran out on us. Thank you for always making me feel unconditionally loved like we were always bounded by blood. You had such a tender and special place in my heart and always crossed my mind as you will forever. Rest peacefully until I can visit you in NY like I always wished for🕊🤍

    Love, Aly

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