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donald papile


Visitation: August 12, 2020 2:00 pm - 5:00 pm

Branch Funeral Home Smithtown
190 E. Main St.

Visitation: August 12, 2020 7:00 pm - 9:00 pm

Branch Funeral Home Smithtown
190 E. Main St.

Mass: August 13, 2020 10:00 am

Christ The King R.C. Church
2 Indian Head Road


Pinelawn Memorial Park
2030 Wellwood Avenue

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The family greatly appreciates donations made to these charities in Donald Papile 's name.


520 8th Avenue, Floor 7
New York, NY

St. Judes Children's Research Hospital

501 St. Jude Place
Memphis, TN

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  1. Mr. Papile and being in his class were the happiest moments of my childhood. He taught us all to love learning and to have a sense of humor. All of us fellow students all talk of him into our adulthood with love and reverence. He was the best. He was part of so many lives that were positively shaped thanks to him!

  2. For me, the entire 75-76 school year was one of the happiest times of my life. Having Mr. Papile as my teacher that year was a real blessing. While he could be tough at times, he still made learning fun. I’ve said this alot the last couple days–if I had Mr. Papile as a teacher my entire school life, I’d have loved school.

  3. Mr. Papile new how to be patient with me and I was able to learn and comprehend due to his teaching style. He made me feel like I was smart and not dumb. I invited him to my Bar mitzvah and he came. He should be a role model for all teachers. RIP Mr. Papile

  4. candleSad to hear about Mr. Papile’s passing. I went from living in Rosedale and attending PS 195 with him as a teacher to playing on his blessed sacrament baseball team when I moved to Valley Stream. I have nothing but fond memories of him and his family. God bless Richie and the rest of the family during this hard time.

  5. A great man. My family know you on such a different level Mr Papile that you asked me to call you Don. I speak for a lot of people when I say Thank you for everything. You are a legend a true GIANT of Rosedale. I have not see you in over 20 years but I will miss you forever.

  6. A great man. My family knew you on such a different level Mr Papile, that you asked me to call you Don. What a honor. I speak for a lot of people when I say Thank you for everything you taught me as a young kid. You are a legend, a true GIANT of Rosedale. I have not seen you in over 20 years but I will miss you forever.

  7. Mr Papile, you were my favorite teacher. After all of these years i still praise you for your inspiration and values. I was so blessed to have you in my life even if for only awhile. You will always be in my heart.

    • So sorry to hear of Mr. Papile’s passing. He was a special teacher to me and so many others. When I think of my time at PS 195 he is the first of several special teachers that comes to mind. He was funny and kind and when he got angry the entire room shook but he was truly a great guy. You will be missed.

  8. 1980-1981 school year ps195
    Was a great year had one of the best teachers ever. He was a tough guy took no bs but knew how to make every student feel important and valued. He was one of the rare teachers that touched you and left a lasting impression.
    Mr. Don Papile will be missed but will remain in our hearts and memories forever

  9. I had Mr. Papile for 6th grade at PS 195. I graduated in 1993. All these years later, I still say he was the greatest teacher that I ever had. I wish that I had found him at some point in the last 27 years to tell him that. If he is listening somewhere in the great beyond, thank you sir for everything you taught me that I literally carried for the rest of my life. Rest in peace.

  10. candleHe truly was one of the greatest teachers I’ve ever had. 6 grade one of the best memories of elementary school at P.S.195 R.I.P Mr. Papile
    Class of 93’

  11. I had Mr. Papile for 6th grade. He really was one of the best!!! He made learning enjoyable. Rest in Peace, Mr. Papile and prayers to your family!!!!

  12. candleWhat a loss to the planet. Having had Mr Papile as a teacher and friend in 1974/5, I am still enriched daily by the interaction I had with him. Truly an example all other educators should emulate. The world is a better place because he cared! RIP

  13. While I didn’t have Mr Papile as my 6th grade teacher (Well I did have him for about a week before I was switched) I knew he was a great man. He cared about his students. May his memory be a blessing. He touched the hearts of many and he truly made a difference!

  14. candleMr. Papile was a wonderful man and an amazing teacher, one of the only ones I truly have fond memories of. My condolences to his family.

    • candleThank you Mr. Papile for being such a powerful influence in my life. Class of 1986 was perhaps the best school year of my life. It was a real privilege and an honor to have been your student. May you rest in peace knowing you touched the lives of so many.
      My condolences to the family

  15. Positively one of the best teachers ever! He knew exactly when to be tough and exactly when to show the love and he loved teaching! 6 grade was one of the best experiences of my life!
    I hope you rest in peace knowing what a difference you made to so many lives!

  16. Due to external forces (Mrs Brainnan), I was the only one of my family of five not to have Mr Papile for 6th grade. That did nothing to thwart his interest in, and concern for, me.

    Mr Papile (likely illegally) walked us from 195 to St Pius *just in time* for ashes on Ash Wednesday. He wore a suit, shirt and tie in various shades of pea soup green – none of which matched each other – every March 17th. When he learned I couldn’t do After School Center, he offered (and actually came through) to drive me home every single Friday.

    This man was everything that is good about education.

    RIP Mr Papile. Your memory will live on forever 💜💜🤪

  17. Mr Papile was my 6th grade teacher from 1977-1978 and he was the best! He touched the lives of so many kids. He made a difference. Legend. A lifetime of teaching, a life well lived.

  18. I was in Mr. Papile’s 6th grade class. Nothing but fond memories. He was a great educator, generous with his time and all around who you want teaching your children.
    May Mr. Papile Rest In Peace. To his family, please know he was such a positive force in helping to shape the lives of of so many.

  19. candleMy condolences to the Papile family. He will always be remembered as everyone’s favorite teacher.

  20. A wonderful teacher who touched the lives of soo many students. Truly a class act!! The memories I have with you and my classmates are everlasting. Thank you for all you did for us.. Rest In Peace..hope u have a toast with my mom!!!

  21. candleI am sad to hear the news of Mr. Papile’s passing. He helped my brother and me while at PS 195. I never forgot his kindness. You were an angel who walked this earth. 🙏🙏🙏

  22. I send my condolences to you all May Don rest in Heaven to Ellen ..Richie..Karen and Matthew I am so very sorry

  23. candleMr. Papile was a great teacher ! He too was my 6th grade teacher ! I remember him bringing his little son Matthew to class, painting my ceramic frogs eyes and always eating his coughdrops ! Thoughts are with his family and friends at this time

  24. Don was a great man He was there for me when I was in labor he drove me to the hospital I picked him to be my son Richie,s godfather He just could do everything he can to help us out An Awesome man he was My condolences to Ellen,Richie,Karen and Matthew May he rest in Heaven

  25. candleThank you Mr. Papile for being such a powerful influence in my life. Class of 1986 was perhaps the best school year of my life. It was a real privilege and an honor to have been your student. May you rest in peace knowing you touched the lives of so many.
    My condolences to the Papile family

  26. He was my favorite teacher ever. My condolences to his family and everyone lucky enough to have been in his classes.

  27. On sat Aug 8 out of nowhere Mr. Papile popped into my head and thinking he was a teacher who made a impact. Yesterday I heard he passed. What a memorable teacher. Tough love! Everyone wanted him as a teacher. I was in his class from 79-80. Sure wish I had that ceramic frog still. RIP Mr. Papile. I don’t think there was a student who didn’t respect and love you.

  28. candleMany decades later, I can still remember how sweet and kind was to me as a little kid. He was always ready to laugh and had a twinkle in his eye. Deepest sympathy to my cousin Ellen and the family.

  29. Rest in peace my wonderful 6th grade teacher!
    You will be missed by all those who were fortunate enough to have you in their lives.

  30. I met Don at 195 where he quickly became a mentor & a friend. He was a kind hearted soul and a master teacher who taught & inspired many students including my own who still think of him fondly today. He was as generous with his time to fellow teachers and I credit him for surviving my first years at the school and for becoming the teacher I became. He was sorely missed when he retired but his legacy lived on. I missed him then & I will miss him now. RIP Mr Papile knowing you were loved & respected by many. My deepest condolences to Ellen, Richie, Kerin, Matthew & their families. 💔

  31. My deepest condolences to Ellen and her children and grand children. Donny was a special man with an open heart and mind. He will be remembered

  32. My Uncle Donnie , I
    will miss you so much ….All the memories I have of you and how much you meant to me , Will
    stay with me forever.. You were without a doubt one of kind , Thank you
    for always being there for me and treating me as if I was your daughter.. I will never forget you.. Forever in my ❤️ P.S. You made the Best pancakes ever!! Love you Forever.. RIP Uncle Donnie❤️

  33. My heartfelt condolences to the Papile Family. He was a true class act and had the respect and love of every student that passed through 195. Rest In Peace Mr Papile

  34. My days at PS 195 were amazing. The teachers were amazing, the friends were amazing, and the memories live on forever bc of the great teachers and great friends.
    One teacher tho, Mr. Papile, stood out from the rest. If you didnt have the honor of being in his class, you missed out.
    My 6th grade experience (as everyones) was extra special bc of this special Man! Mr. Papile was firm, but fair. He expected the best out of all of us, and we gave him that, bc he deserved it. His teaching style was like non other. He cared for every single student he ever taught. He took his time with them. He made learning fun. I looked forward every day to going to school bc of Mr. Papile. He helped shaped the lives of so many young minds during all the many years he taught at PS 195.
    Me. Papile, thank you so much for everything. You were such a great man. I will miss you so much.
    My thoughts and prayers to your wife and children and entire Papile Family.
    Rest in Heaven Sir
    Class of 1993

  35. candleMy 7th grade teacher couldn’t control us so they had to call in Mr.Papile it didn’t take long to straighten us out.We had a lot of respect for him.He became a great mentor to me and my family over the years He put me on the right track .He was my first pick to be God father to our son Richie.I have a lot of love and respect for his wife Ellen and there children.when God made him he threw away the mold.No one can ever fill his shoes.He had a special gift of teaching he made everyone feel equal. I can go on and on about him but if you knew him you would agree with me. He touched so many lives his memory will live on for ever.God has a special place in heaven for good people like him. He’s with the lord now. Rest in peace.

  36. I have fond memories of being in his 6th grade class. He truly made learning fun. He was the a teacher that all teachers should emulate.
    RIP Mr. Papile. Your memory will live on through the lives of your students who admired and loved you.

  37. Thanks for being a great father-in-law to my daughter, Shandel. You always made her feel like part of the family. I will always remember out heart-felt discussion. RIP

  38. Matt Papile ..Please accept my condolences and those of my daughter Julie McCormack and extend them to all your extended family. Reading the comments on the guest book impressed me as your dad lead a full life and was loved by many. May he rest in peace.

  39. We send our deepest condolences To the papile family. I have so many great memories of the family we spent a lot of summers at there house. Lots of love to Ellen, Richie, Kerin & Matthew

  40. Dear Uncle Donnie,
    I wonder if you could ever have imagined the impact you would have on so many peoples lives; especially mine. When I was growing up you were (and always will be) my hero. You taught me so many lessons about life and I still carry them with me to this day. Your loving heart so kind and caring, your sharp wit, and great sense of humor set you apart from any man I have ever known. Always protecting the underdog and seeing their best potential. You had the ability to make everyone feel like they were so special. Your legacy will live on forever. I love you Uncle Donnie and will miss everything about you 💔 Until we meet again Love and Peace be with you.
    Love your niece,

    P.S. Those summer Sundays driving out to visit Uncle Allie and Aunt Rusty will be etched in my heart forever❤️

  41. My only great memory of elementary school was being in Mr Papile’s class. He was by far the teacher that left the greatest impression -since I was bullied throughout elementary school and he helped guide me through. I will never forget his kindness, his distinctive walk, his loud voice , and mostly his ability to gain respect from all his students. He will always live on in all of our memories! Rest in eternal peace Mr. Papile

    • candleAfter hearing of the passing and loss on Donnie , I find it great comfort to understand the man to a greater level. Remembering him when he was dating his future bride I knew there was something different about him that stood out.He had an Ora about him that was not matched. After reading some of the comments left by many of his students explains a part of him I didn’t know. Only knowing him on the family side. You will be surely missed. God bless Ellen the children,the grand children and all of the extended family. Rest In Peace

  42. candleDonald was a great man and a great teacher. He was a close family friend, and when I was young he would sit with me for hours and teach me new words in english and spanish. I am sorry to hear of his passing.

  43. Mr Papile was a “Stand Out” teacher. Sixth grade class of 77, he made a huge impact on the lives of so many. I only wish my kids could have a teacher that was a great as he was. So sorry to hear hear about his passing.

  44. My condolences to the Papile family. A great man, husband, Dad and teacher. Thank you for your lessons in life. Your lessons has stuck with me always. Saying prayers of comfort and strength. Hugs love you all.

  45. You were an amazing teacher. I remember getting in trouble thinking my parents were going to kill me and you played it down and told them I was a good student. I never forgot that. Rest In Peace Mr. Papile, you were one of the best. Class of 1989, PS 195

  46. I have great childhood memories of PS195. I remember being so happy when I found out I had Mr. Papile for 6th grade! He was a legend at our school. He taught me and my older brother as well. An amazing teacher, the best of the best! RIP Mr. Papile.

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