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  1. The loss of a loved one is a very sad and heavy load to bear. May you find comfort at Acts 24:15 ‘And I have hope toward God, which hope these men also look forward to, that there is going to be a resurrection of both the righteous and the unrighteous.’ Please accept my deepest sympathy.

  2. There are not enough words to express our sorrow. Josh was a wonderful person and we are so sorry for your loss. He will be deeply missed.

  3. Our deepest heartfelt condolences. Josh was a wonderful young man full of kindness. He will be remembered for his incredible sense of humor and will be missed more than he could ever know. Gone to soon and loved forever.

  4. Our deepest sympathy and prayers rest with the entire Faithfull family at this time.May Joshua meet the heavenly angels and feel peace in the love of Jesus and his mother Mary.

  5. Words cannot express my deepest sorrow .No one should have to experience the loss of a child, my prayers and thoughts will be with you always.

  6. So sorry for your loss. My thoughts and prayers are with the family and friends of Joshua.

  7. Our thoughts & prayers go out to all of Josh’s family, friends & classmates. I wish no one ever had to grieve for their child. This is not the end for Josh it’s the beginning of something new for him. May you find peace until you see him again. Truly sorry for your loss.

  8. Joshua will always be a part of our YMCA family. From the time he took the lifeguarding course, to his interview, to working here he made an impression on everyone. His mature, caring, respectful,and responsible nature was beyond words. He will truly be missed.

  9. Josh, it was an honor to be able to have known you. You were so sweet and genuine everytime we spoke. In the short time I knew you, you came to mean a lot to me. I won’t ever forget you, you inspired everyone to fight until the very end. You will be missed so much.

  10. Gabby,I am so very sorry for your loss. My thoughts and prayers are with you and your family and this extremely difficult time. Carie

  11. How can one young soul possess so much heart, kindness, intelligence, humor, tenacity, caring and love? Being blessed with the most amazing Mother and Father, that’s how. God Bless you all: Gabrielle, Joe, Joshua, the Bellincampi Family & the Faithfull Family, friends, teachers, workmates/classmates and bosses.

  12. Josh, thank you for being such a wonderful friend to my brother. You were an incredible person, and we are all grateful for your presence in our lives. You will be dearly missed and never forgotten.

  13. You were such a great person, always putting others before you. You will never be forgotten, you will forever be missed. I love you so much.. Rest in paradise.

  14. Hello my sweet Angel. Thank you for being the love of my life and my air since the day you were born. Thank you for loving me unconditionally despite all my many imperfections & mistakes. Every molecule in my body misses you with a love & remembrance so fierce and so loud that I am sure you can hear it up in Heaven. Joshua Quinn, I am so proud of the indelible impact you have etched in the world during your short life. I miss you with an intensity that is just impossible to express in words. I will always remember everything about you and carry you with me, forever.

  15. Dear Family, so sorry for the loss of Joshua, your dear loved one. ItΓÇÖs also comforting to know what the Bible teaches: Most people who have died will be resurrected. Jesus promised that ‘those in the memorial tombs (grave) will…come out.’ (John 5:28,29) Death will be no moreΓǪ..these words are faithful and trueΓǪRevelation 21: 3-5In harmony with God’s original purpose, those resurrected as humans will have the opportunity to live on a paradise (park like) earth. (Luke 23:43) This promised future includes perfect health and everlasting life for obedient humans. The Bible says: ‘The righteous will possess the earth, and they will live forever on it.’ Psalm 37:29. See also Job 14:14, 15; Luke 7:11-17; and Acts 24:15. for more Answers to your Questions go to:

  16. Missing you every second of every minute of every day with everything I am. You are still my world.

  17. .Joshua Quinn, I never do anything without you in mind. I love you so much…more than anything in the world…more than you could ever imagine.Love, Mama

  18. Joshie, you are my greatest joy and losing you is my greatest sorrow. I love you and miss you every second.

  19. Joshie Bird, Missing everything about you.I’m so sorry for your pain in life and in death. If I could have taken your place, please know I would have and desperately wanted to…never was there a mother more in love with her child…I swear on our love…

  20. My boy I can’t believe this is a way that I have to communicate with you. It’s hard to explain but I walk around feeling like life is now unreal. My heart literally hurts with the ache of missing you. I just feel so empty and dead inside without you. My only wish is that you are enjoying life in heaven and surrounded by all who love you. I love you my Best Friend I hope you knew and know how much.

  21. Hey Josh, you always said you had the best parents in the world and the best family in the world; and that it was only due to their presence in your life that you had the strength to endure the 20 out of 10 pain of your last two illnesses. Today is Father’s Day, which is unavoidably fraught with ambivalence; we find ourselves both celebrating the father with whom you shared, and share, such an incredibly loving relationship and whom you felt so incomparably fortunate to have; and we find ourselves profoundly grieving with him for the heartbreaking loss of your physical presence. While I didn’t write anything for Mother’s Day, we know all this applies to your mother as well. And of course, as you well knew, and know, this would apply to your grandparents on grandparents day as well. And then, as I think you would agree, if such a day existed for aunts and uncles, the same could be said for them as well. Oh, and then there’s your wonderful cousins. Geez Josh, I see what you meant when you said that while you had such unbelievably terrible luck in terms of all the physical pain and limitations you had to endure, you were the luckiest person in the world because nobody could’ve had a better, more loving family than yours. I will forever be grateful for having your amazingly wonderful self and your amazingly wonderful family in my life. I love you, and grieve for you all more than I can ever say, Wendy

  22. Baby Boy,People say ‘In time, it will get easier.’ Well those people never knew you. Every day on this earth without you is like just going through the motions of an unreal existence. I think of you more than you can imagine. You are with me at work, at home, in the car and wherever I am. I don’t know how or why we are supposed to go on without you. It will never make sense. I love you more than any bunny and if you could give me a sign that you are ok, I really need that. I hope you are with our Winnie. Now he is your baby and you have to take care of him for me. I love you and won’t be me until I see you again. You would be proud of how nicely me and your mommy get along. I’m sorry we didn’t do that for you while you were here. I wait for a sign every night in my dreams. Love you, you ‘scoundrel’.

  23. Goodnight, Sweet boy. Please be in my dreams, tonight. I love your guts. Thanks for loving mine, too. Love MommyPS. I am wearing the bear pajamas you bought me.

  24. Please don’t worry about any of us, Baby. I hope erased from your heart is any pain, fear, or worry & replaced with overwhelming love, joy, health, & whatever you imagined Heaven might be like. Love your guts, my best friend…

  25. Right now, I am in your room. Can you meet me there and cuddle with me in your bed like we used to? We can look through all your favorite stuff and treasures and talk and laugh and be happy. You can read me the ‘Giving Tree.’ During it, I will cry and you will laugh at me for that…Then, I will try to guilt you into playing Mancala or Rumicub with me…Anything we did together was bliss for me. You know that there was no one in the world I enjoyed spending time with more than you.

  26. Josh, we miss and love you ,think about you often, times at the beach, your sense of humor. Your willingness to help others.This world is missing a great doctor, but heaven got an angel.

  27. Joshua, thinking about when you kept taking the ‘for sale’ sign down at our neighbor’s house because you didn’t want them to move. So many happy memories of you flooding my heart. I will never understand how you can really be up there without me; when you get a chance, please send me a one way ticket to wherever you are…

  28. Remember you used to call me ‘it?’ Well, Dot, ‘It’ loves your guts, forever. I miss you calling me ‘ruggy’ and all the silly things that made our days special..I always think, ‘what would Joshua do? or what would Joshua say?’ Remember how much I used to hate September because that was when the big yellow school bus would steal you away from me for hours. Used to count down the hours until you would come home from school so we could talk about your day but you would always ask, ‘how was YOUR day, beautiful?’ You are the most amazing son/person ever created, my love…If the strength of mine and daddy’s and your families’ and friends’ love were enough to keep you alive, you would still be here now. Let me promise you something, Joshua Quinn, your memory will never die. Not ever. There are just too many of us who love you now and forever.

  29. Hey, Handsome. Remember we used to laugh hysterically when you would say that when people drove bikes in the street ,they were playing ‘ vehicular dress up?’ I laughed so hard, I couldn’t see the road. Joshua, you were the source of so much joy and so much laughter. I don’t care what anyone says, this will never get easier. I love you and miss you, best friend…

  30. Joshua, glad we got to finish Gilmore Girls…thank you for watching all the seasons with me and for watching Star Trek with Daddy. You never told me what our next show was supposed to be… I loved those times cuddling up on the couch. There was nowhere else on Earth, Daddy and I ever wanted to be, except there with you. Thank you for lying in the middle of our big bed with me on one side and Daddy on the other. We were the happiest family in the world because of YOU. You never acted too cool or too old to spend time with us even when it was the last thing in the world you may have wanted to do. If you didn’t want to be with us , you certainly never let us know. You made us feel that’s exactly where you wanted to be. What a gift you are. We knew it then and know it now. We will always know it. I have been putting a memory box together, getting videos together, and gathering pictures and even audio recordings of you. I made daddy a hardcover book with pictures of you and him together. All the pictures show just pure love and joy…Waiting for it to arrive in the mail. Maybe you know all this already…do you, Sweetheart? I just love your guts and you’d better still love mine…

  31. One more thing, my bear pajamas are in the wash. Thought you’d wanna know; meet me in my dreams. Love you more.

  32. I don’t know where else to write to you. The days are endless and without joy. I keep reading your instant messages to me and I can’t stand stand that there will be no new ones. How could this be? I love you so much and wait for you to guide me.

  33. Miss your funniness and smiling face. You should be here with us last week of school. Will never forget you budddy

  34. Love you most, Gorgeous angel…I’m sorry you didn’t get the life you deserved …You are perfect and deserved that back.And you never ever complained. Love your guts.

  35. I don’t know what to do without you. The days and nights are endless. But I hope your days and nights are beautiful. I love you my best friend

  36. Hi Baby, it’s Mama. I just heard a bang upstairs like the opening of a kitchen cabinet to get a midnight snack. I just checked and Daddy is sleeping so I have to assume that it’s you. Is that you? I love you, my sweet, perfect baby boy. Remember I would always ask you what I ever did to deserve to have someone as perfect as you in my life ?I know it’s selfish of me, but I needed and wanted more time with you. Thank you for 17 years of ‘Good morning, Beautiful(s) and ‘How was your day, Beautiful?’ It doesn’t feel real that you are gone. I thought that there was nothing we left unsaid but there are…so many things in fact…mostly apologies I wanted to give you and regrets for not having made things better for you. No one will ever forget about you, I promise. I will never let that happen and neither will you. You worked too hard on this earth being such an extraordinary person for that to ever happen. I hear your voice in my head all the time, but sorry Joshua, I will never even come close to being half the person you were. I know you were just born that way and you made it look effortless. Not sure what the rules are, but if you can( without messing anything up for yourself), please visit me. I love you more than any mother ever loved a son…This you know is the truth. Meet me in my dreams.

  37. Hi Joshie,my perfect angel, I am wearing your white T shirt and favorite electric blue and black shorts. I know you would say that it’s ok for me to wear them but I know you would rather me wear the winter bear pajamas you bought me. Anyway, I washed your sheets, made your bed and put the Ice Climbers blanket back on your bed.Your pillow is flat just the way you like it. Wish I knew what you were doing every minute of every day. I miss being with you and sharing your life with you.I miss you calling me Piggy, Ruggy, Gab, IT… I miss your laugh, your dimpled smile, your kindness, your love– YOU. Every chance I get, I talk about you with anyone who will listen. And people want to listen to stories about you, Joshua, because you are so well loved, more than anyone I ever met…I just told the story about the swarm of monarch butterflies that swarmed my my hair as I ran screaming down main street with you laughing until you dropped your ice cream cone…There are just so many memories that both fill and break my heart all at the same time. But that’s not your concern. I hope where you are there are no concerns , worry or heartache. I hope you are surrounded by overwhelming, love, light, joy, perfection, and any and all the things and people you love.

  38. Josh, you are being honored with your name on a plaque in loving memory of you outside of the Port Jefferson Library in the Friendship Garden. Way to go, my extraordinary friend! You are loved by everyone. You will always live on in our hearts, memories, stories about you, and good deeds. I will never be 1/1000, 000th of the person you are…Love you!

  39. I forgot to tell you, at your memorial service, Mike said, ‘If you didn’t like Joshua, it was just because you hadn’t met him yet!’ I miss you with all my heart and all my soul. I am bursting with love, pride and the pain of missing you all the time…Have fun, my love. You deserve it.

  40. Hi Baby Boy, Missing my best friend terribly. Even during your darkest, most painful and most frightening moments, you were always your best self through it all. I will never know how you did it, Joshua Quinn. How you worried about all of us, instead of focusing on your own grief, pain, loss…I knew the moment you were born, you were extraordinary.You squeezed so much living and loving into 16 years, so much more than most of us will do throughout a lifetime. As everyone says about you: ‘not your ‘normal’ boy,’- but, an extraordinary boy. And, no it’s not because I am seeing you through ‘mom google’ as you used to say; it’s because it’s the undeniable, glaring truth. I love you so much then, now and always. Visit me when & if you can.

  41. I don’t know what to say except I miss you more than words can say. My heart is broken my BFF. I love you and can’t wait to see your beautiful self.

  42. When I think of all things beautiful, perfect, good, pure, loving and kind, I see you, Only you. Love you, my Baby Boy

  43. i was told I could post here even though I didn’t know you that well just wanted to say you had a big impact on my life. I would look at your posts on instagram and think of how brave and special you were. Just wanted to say thinking of you RIP

  44. See Joshua, you have had such a huge impact on so many of our lives. ThatΓÇÖs what you wanted more than anything in the world. You did it, love! Thank you so much! You are the gift that keeps on giving. xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxo

  45. All this time, I thought I was the one teaching you. It turns out that YOU were actually MY mentor, my teacher, my guide. You can’t imagine how much you are missed.You always will be: my precious son & best friend…

  46. Josh my bff please forgive me for all the times I failed you and deep down I know you will because that’s who you are. I don’t know how to go on without you. Please help if you can. I feel like I’m living in a fake world. Nothing seems real. We need your help. I love you my boy.

  47. There are just so many of us who LOVE you, Joshua Quinn. What a far reaching impact you have made on so many lives. You have forever touched many, many lives in so many wonderful & indescribable ways. We are all better people for having loved you, Angel. I will never stop telling your story to anyone and everyone who will listen. And so many people are sharing you with family & friends…Your legacy will always live on. I promise…Love you more…

  48. Hi Baby, what are you doing up there? Who are you with? Tell me all about it. Waiting to hear from you. Love you with all my heart & soul. Ours was & is a love story like no other. Goodnight, Sweetness.

  49. Please forgive me for all the ways I failed you but I couldn’t love you more. The light has gone out of my life. You are always in my heart and head.

  50. I don’t know what to do. You left and the joy is gone. I know people want to help but they can’t because they can’t bring you back to me. Can’t wait to see my bff. I miss you so very much. We need your help. I love you my boy.

  51. Hi Baby, was the open tape deck a sign from you? If so, I got it. Does that mean you were with me while I was listening to tapes, thinking about you? Thank you, Joshua Quinn. Love you.

  52. Without a shadow of a doubt, you were put on this Earth to accomplish so much & to touch so many lives in such a short time. We will never forget you, Sweet Angel; never a day goes by where you are not thought of, remembered, cherished, loved, talked about and so VERY much missed…Love your guts.

  53. I can’t sleep my heart is aching about you can’t believe you won’t be calling me or messaging me doesn’t make sense. I’m here and you are not. I love you my boy. Can’t leave my house now would have been yours. I love you so very much my best friend the laughter is gone. Can’t wait till see your beautiful self.

  54. We had Willows birthday but we all knew it was nothing without you. Everything is nothing without you. I love you so much my boy. Just feeling empty.

  55. The tape deck, the letter J typed into Daddy’s GPS, your voice recording on my iPod, the colored lights on Ma’s TV, my contacts case in your room, the untangled sea turtle chain, the bracelets out of your memory box….All signs from you, Angel. I hope so. Love you, Baby Boy. But, I guess you already know that and everything. You always wanted to know the answers everything; now you do…Love your guts.

  56. I love you and miss you so much. Ishu don’t give me a sign, I won’t be your best friend. Is that what you want? I say it all day long to different people. Everyone thinks I’m crazy, but I laugh bc it makes me think of you.

  57. The rule when you were a little boy and we were out, was always that you would never be more than an arm’s length away from me so I could keep you safe, remember? Love you, Sweet Boy.

  58. I fell asleep at 1030 and now I’m awake at 1230. Can’t sleep thoughts of you keep waking me up. I miss you and love you so much my BFF. Please visit me if you can. It’s just too hard without you. Struggling.

  59. Josh were you only a dream. I feel as if my whole life is only a dream. But you and mommy and willow were the best parts of it. I love you my boy. Can’t wait to see your beautiful face.

  60. I feel empty of any human emotions in my heart and my brain. It’s not a good way to live but I guess we’re not really living. I just miss you so much my boy my bff. I love and miss you so much and I just hope you see how much you are missed.

  61. 9 photo albums and many videos of you and a heart filled with the best 16 years & 10 months of my life. My life began the day you were born… but I fell l in love with you even before you were born. You will always be the most precious person I will ever know and love in my life. We will always cherish you and will always be grateful for the many ways you have enhanced our lives. Thank you so much, Joshua for staying around as long as you possibly could, despite your unbearable pain. Love you so much, Baby.

  62. My sweet Joshua, I am looking through tubs of your letters, cards, artwork , school work and journals…Feeling the same level of love, admiration, devotion, and pride that I always did for you. That will never change. But you already know that. Are you smiling, laughing, loving, sharing and helping as always? Are you happy? Is it like you imagined it would be? More than anyone, you deserve love, perfection, and euphoria. Love your guts. Forever…

  63. Joshie, I hope you know that You are always in my dreams & that every waking moment , my love, devotion and admiration of you fill my heart & mind.

  64. Fell asleep but thoughts of you woke me up. Mommy showed me letter from your pediatrician. Beautiful words for my most beautiful boy. How could one person affect so many? But yet you did. I knew from the first minute I laid eyes on you that you were different just so special not like the rest of us. But the thought keeps going through my mind that you were not truly ours. You were a special gift sort of just on loan. I can’t make sense of it and never will. I just know we are so empty without you my boy. I love you with all my heart, my beautiful boy, my bff.

  65. My dearest Joshie on the first day of school, today. I remember how I used to get upset before the first day of school (no matter what grade you were in) and you would say, ‘Don’t worry mom. I know you miss me so much but I’ll be home before you know it & then we can spend time together.’ I always think: what would Josh say…what would Josh do? what would Josh think about this or that…I am always with you and you with me, all the time. There is no me without you. My love for you is stronger than any force out there…Thank you for always knowing that. Everyone is missing you so terribly. You are and always will be so very loved. I love you more.

  66. Thank you, Joshua for every beautiful day with you. Spending time with you were the best minutes, hours, days and years of my life…Love you so much. What a privilege…what a gift…

  67. Today there was no call from you telling me all about your first day. It’s just so hard. I love you my boy my bff. Call me.

  68. You are the glue that holds us together. Never has there been missed than you. I love you my boy. I hope you know how much.

  69. Am I no longer considered a Grandma? How can that be? I will always be your ma till my dying day. I love you my boy my bff.

  70. Can’t sleep can only think of you. The hurt is unbearable. I love you my boy, I only hope you know how much. I see your beautiful face always smiling and making us smile. There are no smiles now.

  71. Good Morning, my Beautiful Boy. Our sun rises and sets with thoughts and memories of you. Love you, my perfect angel.Thank you for absolutely everything and for staying as long as you could.

  72. No matter who I encounter or to talk to, we always discuss YOU. Your love, kindness and how you made us all want to be the best people we could possibly be. You are my sunshine. You will always be the epitome of true goodness and pure joy. Goodnight, Sunshine.

  73. Remember, you would say, ‘Keep your feet as straight as a pencil,’ and we would laugh hysterically? We always laughed together, even in the hospital. Thank you for being the light of my life. Love you…

  74. I can’t help being so proud of you. Miraculously, you were born ready to take on the world, and to squeeze a whole lifetime into 16 years and 10 months. I love you so very much.

  75. I’m lying here awake at 3:00 am and thinking of you. You are our lite, our laughter, our joy, the glue that binds us. I miss your beautiful face and the words we shared. I love you so much my boy my bff.

  76. Thank you for your sign to Willow she has been waiting for so long. I will be talking to you from my bench from now on. I love you my boy my BFF

  77. Remember everything I confided in you about the strength of our love. Hold it in your heart and never let it go, unless it becomes to heavy for you to carry. And, then, drop it down to me and I will carry it the rest of the way. You and I are forever inseparable. I know there was never a place where I began and you ended. We will always be one, but, as your mother & best friend, I have very different hopes & dreams for you now. I hope you have been relieved of all your worry, concern or obligation over the people you love and that all your pain has been permanently erased. I hope these have been replaced with a pure love and euphoria like none you’ve ever experienced. If you need to let me go to move onto what’s next for you, please do that, Joshua Quinn. I’m not sure how it works, but I need you to do whatever you need to, to put yourself first and to receive the perfection you deserve and envisioned up in Heaven. Love you, Baby Boy.

  78. I know you know but when Grandma is ready to cross I know you will be there to make her laugh as you always did to all of us. I love you my boy. Meet you at our bench.

  79. Hi Joshie, Wondering if you ‘got’ Grandma when she passed & who was there to ‘get’ you and escort you safely There..Love to Grandma, Uncle Mike, Aunt Doris, Grandpa, Uncle Jimmy, Uncle Howie, Pa, Grandma Marilyn, Grandma Kitty, Grandpa Fatty, Aunt Elsie, Harvey, & all your loved ones up there…Are you like the Mayor of Heaven?So many endeavors in the works to honor your memory. I love you so much that my heart is completely filled & about to burst…I know you already know that and always knew it. I hope you are surrounded by so much love, peace, fun & whatever else your heart desires. As long as I live, I will always be honored to have raised such a extraordinary son. But, we both know that you raised me (as you always said). Love you

  80. Joshua, so many endeavors on the burner in your honor, my sweet boy. What a privilege for me to be doing Joshua-centric things. Thank you for always being so good even when you thought no one was watching -we all were; I love you so much.

  81. Thank you for always spending time with me, even those times you wanted to be elsewhere. I love you more than you could ever imagine…

  82. I did it again remember when I shut the door over my toe and you called Mommy to tell her what I did to my toe and you said what I did and it was an emergency even though I told you not to not to but this time it’s not an emergency. It was worth it. Let’s laugh together it’s worth it.

  83. My sweet son, my perfect boy: Putting some videos together of you…and more pictures. One video is from potato challenge day at Cornell Cooperative Extension when you were about 8 years old…you worked so hard creating the perfect potato and you slipped on the wet grass..Needless, to say, I was laughing very hard & so were you. It was all worth it because you won a prize & were so proud of yourself…it .was about this time of year. So many incredibly fun memories together. Best times I ever spent, were with you. Playing Rummikub, Mancala, driving you to work and video game tournaments, picking you up from badminton practice, watching our shows, time at the park, beach & our laughs in the car & our talks when you got home from school and we had a snack together and of course, dinners together; remember you used to make me laugh so hard, I had to pull over; A LOT!-come to think of it, we laughed everywhere & anywhere: at home, doctors offices, hospitals…talking about anything & everything. Spending time with you was like a precious gift I got to open every day of your short life. My favorite HOLIDAY will always be your birthday…I think you know the day you were born was the best day of my life. The awe of having you in my life never wore off and never will. Love you…

  84. I haven’t told you how much I love you, today…Remember all the mornings that I would wake you up with a kiss saying, ‘Good Morning Joshua Quinn!’ Thank you for not setting your alarm clock and for allowing me the privilege of waking you up every morning that way, my sweet baby Boy…

  85. I feel you may be mad at me Mommy says no I hope she is right. I still canΓÇÖt believe this is how it is. I miss you so much that sometimes I wonΓÇÖt even allow myself to think of you because it just hurts too much so I just bury all my thoughts. But I need you to know and understand why I do this, itΓÇÖs just my way of surviving each day but of course you will always be by heart, my joy, my BFF that will never change. I love you my boy.

  86. You were the real hero. You never there for all of us to confide in. You accepted us faults and all. You gave us unconditional love never judging. You were our joy. You are what we can never be. We need to know you are happy and we will be with you again. ItΓÇÖs almost 7 months and the pain will Never go away. Please know how much I miss and love you my Boy.

  87. Josh, I can’t tell you how much we miss you. I KNOW that Uncle Mike was one of the first to greet you. Our family has endured so much loss its unbearable. I know you are all in a better place. I can’t wait until we are ALL together again. Kiss Uncle Mike for me i miss him so much i can’t stand it. Love you Sweetie XO

  88. Hi Baby. I love you so much. Nothing is the same without you. Missing you so incredibly much; I hope you can see how you were honored at the parade, at the Dance-A -Thon, hospitals, hospice, school and in all of our hearts…you are so well loved by so many people and no one is going to ever forget about you. YOU WILL ALWAYS BE THE BEST THING THAT EVER HAPPENED TO ME.

  89. I was wrong. I thought maybe I was ok enough to love Bernie but I guess my original thoughts were correct. IΓÇÖm just dead inside but I wonΓÇÖt let him know. IΓÇÖll take care of him and do right by him and try and make him feel safe. ItΓÇÖs the best I can do. I miss and love you my boy.

  90. Thank you for filling every single one of my days with laughter & love. You made it a pleasure to get up in the morning. I miss always asking you, ‘When do you want to spend time together today, Joshie?’ My favorite time of each day was spent with you. Was that you in your room with me a few days ago? I felt you there. Love you so much. Never forget that every part of me loves every part of you!

  91. Thank you for filling every single one of my days with laughter & love. You made it a pleasure to get up in the morning. I miss always asking you, ‘When do you want to spend time together today, Joshie?’ My favorite time of each day was spent with you. Was that you in your room with me a few days ago? I felt you there. Love you so much. Never forget that every part of me loves every part of you!

  92. Joshie, I hope you know that You are always in my dreams & that every waking moment , my love, devotion and admiration for you fill my heart & mind.

  93. Joshie, I hope my love and devotion to you reach all the way up to Heaven where you are. I am so sorry for the horrific time you had leaving here; I would have taken your place in a heartbeat if I could have. Please know that I wanted you here more than anything but not if you had to suffer like you were. You didn’t deserve that and I didn’t have the right to ask that of you as much as I wanted to beg you not to leave…I hope you are the happiest you’ve ever been. I know you were very content on Earth but I promised you that Heaven would surpass your wildest imagination and that you would never miss me or any of us where you were going. I hope more anything you feel nothing but pure joy and love.I was awe struck to see how excited you were to be going to Heaven. I’m so sorry if knowing how much I miss you or how broken my heart is, hurts you in any way. Just be happy, Baby. Save me a spot wherever you are, right next to you. I love you with all my heart and soul now, always & forever.

  94. Joshie Bird, we always vied for your attention while you were on Earth. Everyone was always trying to get some time in with you! I always knew how special you were and so did everyone else. What an impact you made on too many people to count…I love you so much and still worry about you being so far away from me. I know you don’t need me anymore, but I will always love you & always miss you more than you can possibly imagine. Please save me a spot right next to you…

  95. Hi Baby, it’s Mama, your Little Rat. I am wearing the bear pajamas you bought me…Were you at the hospice ceremony? Did you hear the story about you? So many people have pledged to always tell your story and to carry on your legacy of love & goodness. I know that’s what you wanted. I promise to never let you go. Not ever. When you’re not too busy, visit me sometime if it doesn’t take too much out of you. I still worry about you all the time. I wish I did better by you in so many ways. I know you forgive me but that’s not what I want. I just want YOU. I love you so much, sweet Joshie Bird. Good morning, Joshua Quinn!

  96. Hi Baby. Was there Halloween in Heaven? Do you get to scare anyone? Did you get to eat all the candy you want and not get a stomach ache and not have to brush your teeth? I know you are sweetening up Heaven by you being there. I am wearing your T shirts to bed and I am wearing your ‘man shirt.’ I also the wear the bear pajamas you loved me to wear. I hope you don’t miss me the way I miss you! I hope with all my broken heart that there is no missing and no pain: Only the joy you deserve, more than anyone. You asked me if your heaven would be like Animal Crossing and I told you, ‘yes.’ I hope it’s exactly the way you imagined and more. I love you, Beautiful Boy.

  97. Our hearts are breaking. Time has healed no wounds. Find myself crying at unexpected times and places. Willow just told me her Principal asked how she was doing in a meeting and she got hysterical. I canΓÇÖt stand not hearing from you and missing all your great stories. You were my laughter and now the days and nights are dark. Went to Michaels yesterday had to walk out. While I want you to know how much you are missed, I donΓÇÖt want you to be sad for us. I only want joy and fun for you my boy, my BFF. I love you so much.

  98. Joshie: October 13th, Ari raised $11K total in your honor for Sloan Kettering Cancer Center. Donna, Mrs. D & Nicole were there helping along with so many people. Administrators, teachers, your friends and people in the community, all there for you, Buddy. Ma, Willow & I were there watching in awe of all the inspiration to do good as a tribute to you, my love. Today, I was at your school today planning your monument; last week was a memorial at hospice and this weekend, a special memorial at StonyBrook Hospital. I know that you would be making fun of me over how many thank you letters I am writing but I am so grateful to everyone who honors your beautiful memory. If it’s about you, I’m there at the speed of light until I can find my way back to you. My love & devotion to you will never diminish with time. Not ever.

  99. You are the perfect example of how everyone should live their lives being inspired, grateful, content & just happy to be…

  100. You opened the gift of each day, delicately and thoughtfully, never doing any harm…You enhanced so many lives and freely shared your love during your all too brief time here with us.

  101. By the way, Joshua, I love when you started calling me ‘Gab.’ Of course, I loved all of the other pet names you made up for me, too: ‘Fishes, Piggy, Little Rat, Pridiot, Girl, GirlFace’…Love you forever, my BFF.

  102. You did it again when I needed it most. You must have laughed when I screamed when I saw the card placed in my iPad on the night stand instead of next to the pillow you made me. I love that pillow by the way. I should have told you that more. I love that you did Winnie the Pooh and my initials. Was so so sweet that you took all that time to make it for me. I heard “Last Christmas� in the car and couldn’t stop crying. You always loved every song that I did. I just can’t believe I won’t hear my iPad ding with messages from you. Every time someone says, “how are you�? to me, I want to hurt them. How do they think I am? Love you so much and so does uncle Jason. (Even though he let you sit in the front seat). You must have loved him bc you didn’t “sing like a canary� to your mom to tell on him. Remember baby, “Mommy said�!

  103. Good morning, Beautiful. It’s your ‘Little Rat.’I keep hearing you say ‘Mama’s nose…’ I’m wearing my Bear Pajamas every day for you and wearing whichever of your clothes fit me …you are a giant compared to me so this makes fitting into your stuff a challenge. I am telling anyone who will listen about you. People are listening and saying they feel as if they know you and love you. I will never stop talking about you and doing everything I can to keep your memory alive. The wisdom you had at 16 transcended even the oldest among us. Your love knew no bounds and I am honored to be one of the many recipients of that love. I feel like I have forgotten how to breathe without you…You will always be my air and like the charm on the necklace Ma gave me says, ‘I only miss you when I am breathing.’

  104. I wear your t shirts to bed every night. I am also wearing your green winter jacket this winter and using your Chapstick, one of the many you collected. You and your collections, my funny boy. I don’t know how you always managed to be so kind and good and loving all the time. As I always told you, without you, there is no me.

  105. Miss you more and more each day. I still worry about you all the time. Just wish I knew for sure that you are happy and safe. I know you forgive me for everything I did wrong as a mom but I don’t want forgiveness. I just want YOU. I can’t believe that you won’t ever call me ‘Mommy’ or Gab again. I miss all- things- Joshua…the best times of my life, were times spent with you and taking care of you. I hope there are no rules where you are so that for the first time in your life, you can do whatever you want without restrictions…love you more

  106. I remember you always used to say, ‘Wrap me like a present,’ hopefully because you knew you were and still are, my most precious gift.

  107. Where there was light there is now darkness. Where there was laughter there is now tears. Missing you so much my boy, my BFF. When you left you took my heart with you, feel empty inside. CanΓÇÖt wait to see your beautiful face. I love you.

  108. I hope that you are completely unencumbered up in Heaven, surrounded by everlasting peace and love. You will always be the Love of my life…

  109. I curse everyday without you. I donΓÇÖt even have the strength to get out of bed. But I know you are in a better place and having the time you deserve to have. I just miss you so much My Joshie My BFF. I love you more than I can say.

  110. You are my entire world & will be forever. I hope you are happier than you have ever been. Miss you in ways I can’t even describe..Love your guts, my extraordinary boy…

  111. It is so wrong that you got gipped out of all the milestones of adulthood that you were looking forward to like driving, graduating high school, going to college & enjoying your own life & your freedom…But more than that, I am so sorry that you suffered so terribly for so long. I would have done or given anything to take your place. It will forever haunt me that you had to endure all that pain & suffering to get to where you are now. Not matter how long you are gone from here, I will always take you with me wherever I go…Please hold a spot for me right next to you.

  112. JoshieBird, there are so many tangible remembrances of you all over the community in your honor. Can you see them? Can you feel the outpouring of love ?you are everywhere, always…I love you even more than love itself…

  113. Good night, my sweet angel. I hope you can still feel the strength of all of our love for you. And that you left all your pain, fear and worries behind you. I love you. Thank you for being my everything.

  114. ItΓÇÖs almost Christmas and I curse it because you are not here with us. I canΓÇÖt even buy you a present or watch you hand out all the presents to all of us. You always loved giving more then getting because thatΓÇÖs who you are my sweet sweet boy, My BFF. I know you are getting all that you ask for but I just wish it was from us. I miss you more then I can even say, everyday is an eternity. I love you my boy.

  115. Love You, our Angel. Happy Joshmas! Missing you more than words can ever say. Nothing will ever be the same without you. But that is not your problem… Hope you are so far removed from any pain or worry- only euphoria…There’s no one who deserves that more than you, Joshie. Love Dadda & Mama

  116. I thought you might want to know that my hair looks like a shag rug. What does your beautiful hair l look like, today? Is it a good hair day for you? I always share stories about you, remember you, look at your pictures , watch your videos, visit your many plaques and memorials —you are everywhere but still miss you like a mother fluffer…

  117. Hi Baby, I love and miss your guts! Never was there a boy, more loved, missed and wanted on this Earth! And, you fulfilled your dream of being a hero!

  118. Call me ‘Gm,’ again… I love that you thought of that to make me happy. All those pet names you made up for me, I will cherish forever. I can still hear your sweet and loving voice. I hope you still call me that sometimes! Love you, Dot. My Joshie Bird… my sweet, perfect angel xoxoxo

  119. Why am I here and you arenΓÇÖt ? DoesnΓÇÖt make sense to me. I love you more than words can say. I love you my BFF. CanΓÇÖt wait till see your beautiful self again. Each day just runs into another. Not your problem, mine. Be Happy My Boy.

  120. I’m just so sorry. I don’t deserve your forgiveness . You all but served me up your diagnosis on a silver platter . You trusted me to fight harder for you & I failed you. I really thought I could keep you safe. love you, my angel.My best boy…

  121. Desperately wishing that I could give you xoxo in person. Every time I think of something funny, beautiful, brilliant, or kind , I see you…

  122. Would it be selfish and greedy of me to ask you for yet another of the many signs I think you have been giving? For as long as I live, it will always be YOU and me, my sweet, perfect baby boy. See you soon, and I hope for YOU, it feels as quick as the blink of an eye until I’m with you again. Love your guts.

  123. I just can’t process that it’s almost a year since you left. It still doesn’t seem real to me that you aren’t coming back. I guess I don’t have to tell you how much you will always mean to me. You are my life, my Love. So many people devastated by losing you, but you made all of our lives better because you were in it. Joshua, you made every day that you were in my life, so amazing. I am so sorry that you had to suffer so terribly. I would have given anything in the world to have been able to change places with you. I won’t ever NOT be in mourning because a life without you isn’t a life at all. Thank you for all the signs I think you’ve been sending me…I love you, Joshie Bird

  124. My Dearest Joshua Quinn, You already know this my sweet boy, but my life officially began the day you were born: May 30, 2000 and ended the day you had to leave: March 26, 2017. Then, now and forever, I will love you with every fiber of my being. You, my perfect son, are my soul mate. I never knew where I ended and you began. That’s because you will always be the only best part of me. Not the other way around. Some people think that when we die, our loved ones put us up on a pedestal. But, Joshua I didn’t need to do that with you because you already had a well deserved spot up on that pedestal ever since the day you arrived on this Earth. Looking though your special keepsake treasure box, I came across a fortune cookie insert that you had saved; it read: “The really great man, is the man who makes everyone feel great.� And that’s exactly what you did and precisely the person you were and still are. I realize that you made a very deliberate choice to be extraordinary and did it the way no other person has before, so perfectly by the tender age of 16 years and 10 months. I have countless things to be grateful to you for but Joshie Bird, thank you for never asking “Why don’t you love me ENOUGH?� but for instead, always asking, “Mama, why do you love me SO much?� Thank you for always knowing that you are my favorite person and for never doubting that you were and are the center of my universe. Only YOU, my beautiful boy, would delay your own passing because before you left, you needed to make sure I would be OK without you. I assured you I would, but hopefully you will never ever know that I lied! So many people agonizing over the loss of you not here with us.

  125. Yesterday & today, you are missing your Easter-Passover scavenger hunt … like three jelly beans & a few pieces of chocolate because I was too scared to give you anything too unhealthy; mostly pokemon cards & trinkets to let you know you were in our thoughts & foremost in our hearts . This year, would have been your very own, much anticipated car keys in an egg or basket & lots of confusing, rhyming clues you always requested.I know how much you love corny traditions. My Baby Boy, I hope you are surrounded by things a billion times better, beyond what can ever be imagined.Love you more…

  126. Best boy. You are too perfect for earth. Remember , 1-2-3, sorry. friends again? Always! You thought of saying this when you were just three years old whenever we had a disagreement that needed resolving. We would say this to each other at exactly the same time. Thank you for never staying mad at me…I love your guts

  127. Your dimples are the most beautiful things I ever saw..I fell in love with you even before you were born…the everlasting miracle of Joshua Quinn…your voice, gentleness, generosity, acceptance, courage, smile, humor, patience, wisdom, devotion & love. To be without you is unbearable. Love you–

  128. Good Morning Joshua Quinn. I miss saying that to you every morning, kissing you goodnight each evening and everything in between. I hope you can see how much we all love you and that our love makes you feel as light as a feather. I also hope that you cannot see how immersed in our grief we all are over losing you. You will always be my JOY.

  129. Happy 18th Birthday my Beautiful Boy. I know you are doing wonderful things and are surrounded by those who love you but I am sick that it is not with us. There are no words to tell you how much you are missed how many tears that are shed from the emptiness that is felt every single day. Be happy in the knowledge that no boy could be more loved. I want to think of you having a beautiful day today and every one you experience. I love you so much and canΓÇÖt wait to see your beautiful self.

  130. Happy 18th Birthday, Joshua Quinn, our perfect angel. I had a slice of birthday cake with you today at 1:05am, the exact time, 18 years ago, you silently (without crying) came into this world & brightened our lives with your light and your love. Love you with everything we are, forevermore…

  131. You were what brought light to our eyes, joy to our hearts and happiness to our lives and that will never change. We love you so much my boy. I love you more than words can say. Happy Birthday Josh.

  132. How did you celebrate your 18th birthday, Joshie? Hope it was as amazing as you are. Selfishly, I am so sad that I have to be so far away from you, but like I promised, I am always with you no matter where you are…Our love, or bond is stronger than death. See you soon, Joshie Bird.

  133. You are the perfect blend of everything good & right in the world. Thank you so much for staying around for us as long as you possibly could, despite your unbearable pain. We love & miss you with an intensity that is impossible to express in words. You have touched so many lives in such extraordinary ways. Our love & devotion to you will never diminish with time. There’s not a day that goes by that we don’t give thanks for the GIFT of JOSHUA.

  134. You are my role model. Always have been, always will be…I wonder if you have been around me. I think you are and have been the whole time but wish I knew for sure. I know that was the deal we had for whoever left first.It’s just not do-able being left here without you. This is not the way it was ever supposed to be.

  135. Our high school graduate AND you graduated the school of life and are so beyond any of us…but then again, you always were. Love you -you are my heart walking around outside my body.

  136. Hey, Sweet Pea. Working on stuff in your honor in my bear PJs (that you bought for me which you always wanted me to wear); always in honor of you: love you and miss you, all day, every day.

  137. Joshie, I carry YOU with me wherever I go. You are in my words, my thoughts & my heart from the moment I wake up until the very moment I fall asleep. I love you, my sweet baby boy.

  138. Sorry for all you missed out on here that you didn’t get to experience but wanted to (and all without any complaints from you). Joshie, I hope with all my heart that Heaven is even better than we talked about, my perfect Angel. You are so much stronger than I am and I know you without a shadow of a doubt, that YOU could have handled being down here without me like I prepared you for but I can’t stand or accept being left here without you. See Baby, some things never change. I’m still complaining just like you always used to make fun of me for. Love your guts, now and always.

  139. I look at you on my fridge and cry. You should be here with me for the summer telling me stories about work and getting ready for college. Words cant describe the pain of missing you. Thank you for my gift “Hi Ma� I marked it on my calender and if I ever doubt which I really don’t I look at date to reassure me. Can’t wait till I see My Boy again. I know you will be my guide. Be happy with all those who love you and are with you now. I love you so much My Boy.

  140. Joshie, you are forever a part of me. You are with me wherever I go and always in my thoughts from the moment I awake until the second I fall asleep at night. I share you with everyone and will always do so. See you soon, my BFF, my perfect angel. Love you. Miss you terribly, ALL THE TIME.

  141. IΓÇÖm looking at your pictures and it just hurts so much. I still canΓÇÖt believe you are not here with us. I can cry thousands of tears but it doesnΓÇÖt help. I miss you so much My Boy My BFF. Till we meet again and you are my guide. I miss you so much, my happiness.

  142. I keep thinking of all the times you made me laugh which was literally everyday: ‘Glues in your hair, I go to concert, bike impersonating a car, doctor-wall-climb the ladder, group leader, DINNERS’S READY…’ the list is endless and I am so sad without you…I love & miss absolutely everything about you, Joshie Bird.

  143. I miss you so much, Joshie Bird. I’m just so sorry for everything I didn’t do but should have and everything I did do but shouldn’t have…Love you so much.

  144. My boy I canΓÇÖt believe you are not here with us. My BFF, my perfect boy, my love and my joy. I miss you more than words can say. I canΓÇÖt stand not seeing you, speaking on the phone with you, reading your private messages, hearing your stories. I keep asking why but I know you will tell me when we meet again. I love you so much My Boy and know no one could be missed more than you

  145. I see you taking me to I-Hop and telling the waiter that I have to get the most expensive pancakes and eggs and you were so proud to treat me. I was so happy and proud to be with you. You then left the server a generous tip and walked me back to my car holding my arm. I canΓÇÖt believe we wonΓÇÖt share times like this on earth. But I know when itΓÇÖs time you will be walking me once again holding my arm , making me laugh and smiling your beautiful smile. I miss you more than words can say My Boy, l only hope you know how much I love you. IΓÇÖm writing here because I donΓÇÖt know what else to do.

  146. I hope you are the happiest & safest you have ever been. Wish you could share with me everything that has happened with you so far, starting from the very beginning. I’m waiting for you, Joshie. Love you more…

  147. I love u more than anybunny. I canΓÇÖt believe it is real. I miss you so much that my heart hurts every day. Snuggle with our baby Winnie.

  148. I love u more than anybunny. I canΓÇÖt believe it is real. I miss you so much that my heart hurts every day. Snuggle with our baby Winnie.

  149. I hope you know that you are with me every day, wherever I go and whatever I do. I desperately wish you were here with me. I’m sorry for everything you didn’t get to do and experience in this life. I was so looking forward to getting the privilege of sharing your life with you. I hope you know how sorry I am for everything. Love you so much, my perfect baby boy.

  150. I walk in the park and like to believe you are walking with me in Your Massapequa. I miss you so very much My Boy it makes my heart hurt. I feel like it was yesterday. I know you are with all who love you but canΓÇÖt wait till it is me who you are playing with. Your Ma and donΓÇÖt ever forget your BFF. I love you.

  151. I keep writing to you & the comments keep getting erased. I hear you asking, ‘Mommy, is this a big problem or a little one?’ The big problems are that you suffered so terribly & unfairly & that you are too far away, your life here with us, pulled right out from under you. I love you, my Sweetness. I’m dead inside without you. I wish I knew for sure that you are happy and safe and where you are. Selfishly, I hate that you are so far away from me. Love you so incredibly much.

  152. Hi Baby, its Mama. What are you doing? How are you feeling? Who is taking care of you? Who are you taking care of ? Are you happy? Wish you could share all of what you’ve been through with me. Never forget, I love your guts & miss you so much.

  153. I wish I could be there FOR you & WITH you. I will never stop thinking about you, worrying about you, missing you, cherishing you or loving you. You will always be my priority.-ALWAYS. Love you, my bestie.

  154. Today, October 31, 2018 is Josh-o-ween in your honor. Next, will be Joshgiving followed by Joshmas…Love you so, so , so very, very much

  155. IΓÇÖm looking at your pictures next to my bed especially your 1 flow and canΓÇÖt believe this happened to My Boy. When you come take me with you my questions better be answered. Feeling so sad and Mad. I love you 1 Flow.

  156. You are the best, sweetest, most beautiful, funniest, kindest, wisest, most selfless person ever. Love you to infinity and beyond…

  157. I love you baby boy. Last night, I could hear you say, “hi Widow�. I would give anything to hear your voice. Love you more than anybunny. Did you wish our Winnie a happy birthday?

  158. Keep looking at you giving me the thumbs up. How I miss your stories and beautiful self “One Flow�. I love you My Boy

  159. Daddy & I made the Joshua Tree in your honor. Hope you can see it. But, I also hope that you are too happy to even care about Earthly things… You loved so remarkably & unselfishly & accomplished more in your 16 years, than most people do in a lifetime. I am so proud of you. You are the most extraordinary person I have ever known. I love you so much, Joshie Bird.

  160. Hi Baby: It’s Mama. Daddy & I are wearing your hoodie shirts, today. We hope that’s OK with you. I know you would want me wearing something ‘girlie,’ but we just needed anything that touched you, touching us. You were, are & always will be the glue that binds us to each other. I can’t even remember a time or a life without you in it. I love you my sweet, perfect Baby Bird…

  161. I hope you know that you are the best thing that ever happened to me and you, having to suffer and then having to leave us-the absolute worst things. Love you, precious Josh Bird.Love your guts.

  162. My BFF My Boy, I cant even tell you how much I miss and love you. I look at your pictures next to my bed and I smile then cry. ItΓÇÖs like yesterday that we lost you. The only thing that keeps me going is that I know I will see your beautiful smiling face and the laughter you will again bring me. I love you Joshie

  163. I miss you so much my Dearest Boy, My BFF. The days are long and dark. Thank You for always making me smile and laugh and love. It will be a joyous day when I see your beautiful self again. I Love You So Very Much.

  164. Dearest Joshua, Yesterday, March 26th, 2019 marked 2 years of you not being with us. Life will never be the same without you, my perfect angel. What did stay the same is the boundless love we all have for you and always will. Love you and miss you more than words can say, Joshie Bird.

  165. Was that you? Thank you, JoshBird… xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoI wish more than anything that I could hug you and kiss you like I got to do every day since the day you were born. What a perfect young man you grew into, my love. I couldn’t be more proud and I couldn’t miss you more. I loved you even before I met you and I always will.

  166. Hi Baby Boy. My heart just swells with love for you all the time. Josh, you are love and joy in its purest forms. I just love your guts and wish every day that I could hold you, talk to you, hear your voice and your beautiful laugh, touch your skin, kiss your cheek, hug you, tell you I love you, and just watch you live your life, joyfully, as you always did…I didn’t know I could love this much until I was pregnant with you and I didn’t know I could hurt this much until I lost you here on Earth. I’m sorry I didn’t keep you safe and I am so sorry I didn’t get to fix and make up to you everything I did wrong. Please know YOU did everything right, my sweet angel. Love you so much.

  167. Happy Birthday Joshie, WE all miss you so much. Hope you are celebrating with ALL our angels. Give Uncle Mike a hug for me. Miss you both so much. Love you honey Aunt Jackie XO

  168. Happy 19th Birthday in Heaven, Joshie Boy. I hope where you are, is everything you hoped for and more. Daddy and I got half a cake to honor your birthday because we will never be whole without you. I hope that you now know everything you ever wanted to know and feel everything you ever wanted to feel. My love for you will always be limitless. Love you, my funny, kind and brilliant angel

  169. …At the HS tonight giving out The 2019 Josh Faithfull Memorial Scholarship in honor of YOU, my extraordinary boy. You are a life guard in the true sense of the word, this time, guarding so many lives on land…Love you so much. So proud of you every single day.

  170. Was that you, dropping your stuff on the floor to let me know you are always with me? Thank you for everything, my angel.

  171. My Boy, I am sick with missing you. You always were and will always be my BFF. Daddy got your sign. I love you so very much. Till we meet again..

  172. Hi Baby. Thank you for sending me those messages. I couldn’t possibly love you more. I can’t wait to be with you. There are no words for how much I miss you and for how sorry I am to have failed you in so many ways. Love you, my perfect angel…

  173. 2 years 9 months since you’ve been away, Joshie Bird. Thank you for all the specific and loving ways you always let me know you’re with me. I keep thinking about how much I love spending time with you ; it’s just that you didn’t get enough time here. I hope for you, who lived in the moment, it felt like just enough to you. I know you were ready to go because of all your suffering that was just to much for you to continue to endure. I would not have wanted you to stay here if that meant you would have to suffer. It was the MOST important thing in the world to me that you wouldn’t ever suffer and yet that’s exactly what happened. I am so sorry from the depths of my soul. I remember all that you went through every day of my life and I hope that you know that I would have given my life for yours and taken on your pain in a heartbeat if I could. I just don’t have the words except to say that I am dead inside without you and literally count the seconds until I get to hold you in my arms again. My baby, my best friend, my perfect beautiful angel. My greatest gift I ever got was the precious gift of you, Joshua Quinn. I can remember you telling me to wrap you like a present which meant me wrapping you in my arms under the covers in Mama’s BIG bed when you were a little boy. And you would tell me how safe this made you feel. Sorry I could not keep you safe. Love you with all my heart and soul.

  174. Mother’s Day 2021: Thank you for the privilege of being your Gm. Couldn’t have asked for a more extraordinary son & best friend; you are my perfect angel, JoshieBoy.

  175. candleHappy 21st Birthday, my perfect, beautiful boy. I am so proud of you & miss you with all of my heart & soul.
    Love, Always & Forever,
    Mama (a.k.a Ruggie)

  176. My Joshie Thank you so much for the sign. I was sure before but now there can be no doubt that I will see your beautiful self again. It is so strange to know that you are now 21 and not with us. The hurt is just as strong as it was the day you left. The holidays come and go but are meaningless. I know you are living it up but I am just so heartbroken that is not with us. No one can be missed more. I love you so much and always will.

  177. I’m missing you so much my Josh. I feel like my heart is breaking in half. I just have to keep thinking you’re in a better place happy and not suffering and waiting. I love you my Boy my BFF.

  178. candleMy Josh I’m thinking of you on this the most horrible day. It kills me not speaking and laughing with you. I just played the recording of you singing If ever I should leave you and it turned out you did. I still can’t believe it but I do have to believe you’re hanging out with people who are surrounding you with love and you are having the time of your life. I just love you so much and carry you in my heart always.

  179. candleYou are the best of us and I think to good for this earth. Words can’t express how much you mean to me and how much I miss your beautiful self. I love you Joshie.

  180. Oh my Dear Boy. I am wishing you a Happy 22nd Birthday in Heaven. Please know how much we all Love and Miss you. Your Mommy just sent me the the most beautiful words I hope in your behalf. Our lives will Never be the Same. I love you my Bright Light. Till we Meet Again.

  181. Dear Josh I just wanted to let you know how much I’m missing and loving you. I hope you’re having a beautiful time. Love Ma

  182. candleYou promised me we would go to Las Vegas together when you were given your diagnosis but it was wasn’t to be. Willow and I are going to Mohegan Sun on Sunday and I can only hope you will be with us. I hope to feel your presence when we go. I will always Love you Forever. It’s just impossible without you.

  183. Willow and I are going to Mohegan Sun on Sunday and when you were given your diagnosis you said you wanted to go to Las Vegas with me but it wasn’t to be. Please let me feel you with us.

  184. candleCan’t sleep looking at my digital picture frame and seeing the Beauty of you. My Heart is Broken. I will love you Forever.

  185. Missing and Loving You Everyday My Josh. But today is just torture. I love you so much my boy. Till we meet again.

  186. candleHappy 23 rd Birthday in Heaven My Dearest Sweet Boy. I miss you as much as the day you left. “I hope you dance” And Save the last Dance for Me. I Love you my Joshie.

  187. I’m looking at your pictures of young Joshie and older Joshua and my heart is crying at the loss of my Beautiful BFF.

  188. candleDear Josh there aren’t even any words to say how much I miss you. Since you left our lives have never been the same but I have to believe you are having a wonderful new life. I can’t wait to be part of it. I love you so very much.

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