Lee Alexander Stair

lee stair

July 26, 1972 ~ February 18, 2021

Born in: Smithtown, NY
Resided in: East Setauket, NY

Lee’s Service will be livestreamed on Tuesday @ 8PM.  Please use the following link.


Lee Alexander Stair has, against his will, managed to escape his human existence the morning of February 18, 2021 at the childish age of 48. Once again…he didn’t get his way; although we think he did it on purpose to avoid having to return to work to solve yet another cable dilemma. Just kidding. He really enjoyed dealing with the angry customers which he affectionately referred to as the “irates.” He loved the irates. He always had a way of calming these people down….something I have never quite mastered as well as he has.

Born July 26, 1972 in Smithtown, NY, Lee grew into an incredibly unique and caring individual who touched the lives of all who know him. He was genuine to a fault, and would put everybody else’s needs above his own. Lee was the guy you could count on for anything. He was honest and forthright with a knack of telling it like it is…even if it wasn’t what you wanted to hear. He sugar-coated nothing.

Lee was a graduate of the school of hard knocks where he became unbelievably proficient in knowing more four letter words than most people learn in a lifetime. He moved on to become a long time professional “pole-dancer” where he lovingly created nicknames for many of his coworkers, such as Yimmy, Jazz Hands, Sherman, Butters, Pig Pen and Haircut Phil to name a few.

Lee loved to laugh, and he laughed inappropriately at every possible chance. He was often found giggling to himself while sending inappropriate text messages, posting inappropriate memes or watching inappropriate Tik Tok clips….almost all never to be opened in the workplace or in front of children.

Lee is survived by his three proudest accomplishments…his loving children, Cody Stair (21), Joel Stair (20) and Jordan Stair (19); the heartbroken and adoring love of his life, Kim Mango and her two children Thomas “TJ” Mango (12) and Michael Mango (10); his mother, Gloria Jean Stoddard, who has preceded him in death; his father Ronald Stair and his wife Christine Finocchio; his sisters, Charity (Darren) Cammerato, Harmony Stair and his brother Benjamin (Amanda) Stair; his nieces and nephews, Jason, Nicholas, Alexis, Addison and Aidan; and his very large, intrusive, but loving, Great Dane, Bob….the attention whore!

Lee also leaves behind a shit ton of friends, a very temperamental Koi pond, and a bunch of shit that I have no idea what to do with…including his “honey-do” list. So if any of you are bored, you know where I live. He truly believed there was no better group of mental patients than his chosen friends and coworkers.

Lee made us laugh. Always. He put the “fun” in dysFUNctional. He found the positive in everything. He was able to play devils advocate and see both sides of the coin in every situation. He was my voice of reason (something we often laughed about). He really enjoyed camping, fishing (even though he hasn’t gone in a while), hanging out with friends, and if you knew Lee, you knew how much he loved his LED lights. He hung them everywhere. He also put them in the Koi pond…..annnd in the toilet. His love of beer was clearly evident. In fact, he succeeded in becoming a two-time gold medalist in the beer olympics! He was such an overachiever!

Lee passed away at 10:50am in his home in East Setauket, NY after a brief battle with metastatic lung cancer. He was surrounded by his children, his soulmate, his brother Benjamin and his “other mother” Kathy Tansey, who has always been referred to as “T.”

Services will be held at Branch Funeral Home in Smithtown, NY on Tuesday, February 23, 2021 from 2-4 pm and 7-9 pm. Wednesday morning, prior to seeing the great creator, he will see the great cremator where he will be turned to ash. His cremains will then be brought back to his home for as long as they match the decor or until we figure out what to do with him.

Lee was not one for goodbyes, so in his words, “See ya later!” or in this case maybe “See you on the other side” would be more fitting.


Visitation: February 23, 2021 2:00 pm - 4:00 pm

Branch Funeral Home Smithtown
190 E. Main St.

Visitation: February 23, 2021 7:00 pm - 9:00 pm

Branch Funeral Home Smithtown
190 E. Main St.

Service: February 23, 2021 8:00 pm

Branch Funeral Home Smithtown
190 E. Main St.

Private Cremation:

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  1. Whoever said death was the hard part was wrong. Letting go and realizing I will never hang out and laugh with you again is even harder. Lee, you truly are an inspiration to myself and others with your positive outlook. Only the good die young. You leave a void that will be hard to fill. Rest in Peace Brother.

  2. Oh my God Lee this was not supposed to happen to someone so young especially now that you found your true love. Pat and I are so sad we always thought of you as part of our family and we will never forget all the years that we spent together rip my friend

  3. Only the good ones go before their time I treasure all the talks we had Lee
    You will be greatly missed ….. little did I know that last invite you sent me would be the last one , RIP my friend until we meet again buddy

  4. What can I say about Lee that we all don’t already know!? True Blue ! Heart of Gold! Hopelessly devoted Father! He would truly give the shirt off his back for anyone. I Love you Pal! I’m glad you found your happiness! Rest easy pal! 💔💔

  5. I still cannot believe Lee was taken back home to God at such a young age. We will never know why this had to happen when life was going so well for Lee. Lee was planning on spending the rest of his life with the love of his life, Kim. They had a beautiful home together and the families blended so nicely together. Hoping when you crossed over you were met by some of your co-workers who had passed on previously-Tim Harris, Chris Conklin and John Finno. May you rest in peace.

  6. candleLee was the best nephew to this old auntie. Though we did not see each other nearly often enough, I can honesty say that he is one of the good ones. His love for his family is fierce and true. Equally so for his friends. Rest easy, dear Lee. You will be missed.

  7. candleMay this light and all the others lit in Lee’s memory be a beacon for you as you travel this road. My heart and prayers are very much with you.

  8. candleMy heart is broken for Kim and this entire beautiful family that the two of them have brought together. May you all find strength in the many amazing memories you created. I know that if I would have gotten to know him I would have loved him too!! Rest in Peace.

  9. candleYou were a beautiful soul Lee. It’s a shame that the good die young because it seems like you still had so much more to offer this world. You will be missed. RIP my friend. Prayers for Kim and the family. 🙏🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾

  10. My man Lee and I at midnight sitting across from the melting tree smoking a butt and then heard a blood curdling wrenching death screen . We Looked at each and said fuck that man. Only to be lost in space and almost eaten by the spackle wall monster. To have DB then knock on the door at 1am you get in trouble I get kicked out Only to find out the next day those screams were from my Girlfriend Jennifer. Poor Jennifer. Kids don’t do drugs.

  11. candleDear Kim, Sending you love during this heartbreaking time. Please know your neighbors are here for you always.

  12. I still can’t wrap my head around this. You’re gone. I will no longer see you when I get home….fall asleep next to you or wake up beside you. I fucking love you SO MUCH!!! This is so unfair. I made you happy!! Your happiness should never have been cut short. I don’t know how to do this without you. I’m broken. So SOOO broken 💔😥

  13. Bob and I send our deepest condolences to the entire Stair family on this unbearable loss. We hope that you find comfort knowing that so many people are sending you love and have you in their thoughts and prayers.
    May Lee’s memory be a blessing .

  14. Kim I’ve known you many years. Keep all the goofy funny caring memories of Lee close to your heart. Thoughts and prayers for you and the family!

  15. To my baby Lil ‘Cous,
    I remember waiting for your arrival and watching you kick around for freedom in Auntie Glorias belly. Your sweet smiles and all the fun giggles. You grew to be a such a wonderful father, soul mate to Kim, friend to all. I love you Lil’one. ❤️Mary

  16. My beautiful brother, Lee… I can’t believe you are gone, way too soon. We were not done having fun yet! I will miss your smile, laughter, hugs and our talks.. I am proud to be your sister! I Love You!!❤

  17. Another Day at Ace. Its a late summer morning and there is a nip(cold for those who are lost) in the air. We pull up to the job site with 4 big oaks to come down. A full day job. The owner comes out and asks if we would like some coffee with a kick. We all said yes of course. because the kick was Jack Daniels of course. Hell we all had several cups and the owner kept offering more. Now lets think back to the reason we were there, shall we. to cut down 4 big oak trees on a standard 1/4 acre lot with his house right in the way. To be honest I don’t even remember doing most of the job. None of us do we were toasted (thats drunk for the lost ones again). It must have been another quality job buy us. No Hospital, No Cops, and the house had to be okay, After all we worked better that way. DISCLAIMER : The people in this story Lee, Goggles, and Cappy are professionals, Kids do not try this at home. !

  18. Our condolences. May Lee’s memory always be for a blessing. You are in our hearts and prayers. Rachelle, Mac and Harper Neuwirth ❤️🙏🏻

  19. As Each Day Goes By
    We Look With Wonder Into The Sky…
    You Have Been Pulled Away
    To Be Seen By Us On Another Day
    We Long To See Your Smile
    But Know You Have Gone Away Awhile
    Your Life Lived Down Here
    Brought Tons of Happiness Along With Tears
    Nobody Wanted You To Go Away
    It’s Too Early Theres Time Still To Play
    Now It’s Time That You Were Taken
    And A Lot Of Hearts Are Left Breaking
    We Know This Was Not Your Choice
    But There Is A Reason Behind His Voice
    We All May Not Understand Why
    And These Are The Tears In Our Eyes
    Stay Close And Don’t Be Afraid
    We Are All Happy With The New Life You Have Made
    The Pain Will Never Go Away
    I Don’t Care What Others Say
    Kim And The Kids Will Be Ok
    As Long As U Check In And Say Hey
    Look Down From Behind The Sun ☀️
    Where Your New Life Has Begun
    Open Their Door And Lead The Way
    They Will Feel Your Presence Here To Stay
    Give Them A Sign For Them To See
    You Will Be Around Endlessly
    These Are What We Want To Feel
    As It Keeps Our Memories True & Real
    We Know You Are Safe And Sound
    Still Not Easy With You Not Around
    You Are Together With Others Above
    Continue To Shine Down Your Love
    Hold There Hand And Help Them See
    You Are Right Here And Your Name Is Lee
    They Will All Feel You And Your Smile
    Even Behind Sun And Across The Miles
    Until We Are All Together Again
    You Will Always Be Our Forever Friend
    Rest In Peace Lee
    Now You Can Be Pain Free
    Kim Schrimpe Catania

  20. candleMy thoughts and prayers are with Lee’s entire family during this most difficult time. May you find peace in his Loving memory.

  21. Ahhhh Lee always making me laugh with sarcasm and such.
    Fave Lee memory anyhow was him coming to fix my cable connection and leaving the gate unlatched after he left the backyard
    So I am wondering why my house got eerily silent with 2 100 pound boxers and happen to glance out my front window…. guess who was enjoying their freedom thanks to Uncle Lee lol
    RIP my friend ❤ one of the good ones

  22. candleWe had some good laughs working together in the Field. Until we meet again Lee, keep them all laughing up there !!!

  23. candleOne of the memories I have of this great man is the time he came downstairs just after midnight on New Years last year and surprised us by handing us a few bottles of champagnes to pop. This is one of the last times I saw him (since we all know how 2020 went) and I will cherish that memory. He will be considered a legend forever. Stairs, you have a big shoes to fill, and you’re going great already!!! Wishing peace and happiness and healing 💚

  24. Lee, you are one of the nicest, kindest and down to earth person I ever met. My heart is breaking for Kim. You are missed, but never forgotten my friend. I always enjoyed playing handball with you in High School, and am thankful we had those times together.

  25. candleYou have escaped to the great beyond and my sympathies are for those left behind in less beautiful and peaceful circumstances who will miss you and your physical presence. May the memories they made with you last forever and carry them forward until you are united again.

  26. While I didn’t know him very well, he always had a smile on his face and a kind word to say when we passed each other around the block. May he rest in peace.

  27. Honored to know him. Heartbroken he is gone. Wonderful man. As he did for me the night before my wedding, I raise my glass and toast in his honor.

  28. I practically lived at their house for a good year or 2 in high school. Every time i felt threatened and unsafe in my house, Lee’s doors would be open and he welcomed me with such warmth. He had a beer in hand for me and we watched stranger things with kim and i’ll never forget that those acts of kindness gave me such hope that i could go on. I can never thank him enough for that.

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