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mary kovacs
Who was Mary' A loyal friend to many, an artist, a romance novel enthusiast, a sun worshipper, a seamstress, crafty, a Cub Scout Den Mother, a shopper, a Girl Scout Leader, a bowler, a Bantam Bowling league coordinator, a cruise lover, a Dance Mom, a quick-change room volunteer, a magician with yarn, a needlepoint artisan, a shopper, a wallpaper hanger, a shopper, a painter of both art and interiors, a decorator, a party planner, a collector of many things; coins, depression-ware and orange juice squeezers to name a few, a babysitter, the biggest support of QVC, HSN & ValueVision, a shoe-aholic, a glove-aholic, always color coordinated, a customer service rep, a retail consultant, a shopper, a faithful parishioner of the Byzantine rite, an integral member of the Church of the Resurrection and the ladies' guild and did I mention' . she was a shopper.Above all she was a devoted wife, mother, grandmother and great grandmother, who couldn't do enough for her family, whom she always wanted to spend time with and was always available to help whenever asked.TraditionsWe are thankful for a Mom who held traditions in high regard. Although growing up we always felt a bit different because we were Byzantine Catholic, however it also made us feel a bit special too. We wouldn't have Easter any other way, it just wouldn't be the same without our traditions of pysanky (Byzantine Easter egg decorating), fasting, blessing of pascal foods and let's not forget Kielbasa and Paska on Easter Sunday. We love you Mom and will continue your traditions in honor of you.Another tradition we hold near and dear is our Christmas' as a child when we lived in the Bronx' not sure how Mom and Dad did it but we would go to bed on Christmas eve, there wasn't a tree or any presents in sight. On Christmas morning, likely an hour after they went to sleep, we would wake up to a beautifully decorated real Christmas tree packed with presents. Oh, and she did go to Midnight Mass in Manhattan. Perhaps, there were more hours in a day back then.Our summer vacations growing up were always the last week of August, Dad's business didn't allow him to take off any other time during the summer. We went to the Holiday House in Lake George. To this day, the smell of cedar brings up back to Tom Tom shop in the center of town, because we would always smell the souvenir cedar boxes. On one of the trips we went up to Lake Placid, Dad saw a sign on the side of the road 'Build your Dream Vacation Home in the Woods' and they did. Over the years, we have grown a great love for the Adirondack regions. Both Lake George and Lake Placid hold very fond memories that will be held close to our hearts.Funny things about Mom' Mom learned to drive in a Buick named Betsy. She put Theresa and Barbara in the back seat with coloring books and crayons while she tried to master the stick shift. Let's say our coloring was not exactly in the lines during those driving sessions. When she finally got her license, we felt very protected by the human right arm seatbelt. Mom had some traditional recipe's that she was very good at like the Hungarian Pot Roast she made for Dad, the Sunday Roast Beef dinner (Herb Albert and the Tijuana brass piped as background music), double-stuffed baked potatoes, sausage and peppers, cucumber salad and others, but there were a few recipes that would not make her a 'Chopped Champion' we knew the pork chops were done when the smoke alarm went off. One time she used powdered sugar instead for flour in gravy, she ran out of mozzarella cheese for lasagna once and she substituted cheddar cheese (it wasn't good, don't try it), and the Pizza Bagels she made with English muffins, American cheese and Ketchup' Mom said ketchup made everything taste better, hey it's the only way we can eat Holupki.One time Andy begged to have chocolate syrup on his hamburger, Mom said sure go for it but you will have to eat it that way. And he did it, hated it but she made him eat it. Her attitude was you asked for it! Mom had colorful language, she never said the really bad one's but those who know her, know what her favorite word was' funny incident' When Johnny was about 5, he had tripped and fallen and said one of Grandma's favorite 2-word combo and he was asked' 'Where did you learn that?' He totally protected her and said 'Uncle Craig', we all got quite a chuckle. Mom had a way of speaking her mind and not mincing words, she told it like it is!! It wasn't always the popular opinion but that's who she was.We were having a 60th Birthday party for Dad at Mom and Dad's house, it was August and hot. The son-in-laws decided to put a tall glass of vodka in the freezer to chill. Mom was running around hosting the party and had run into the house to get something from the freezer, she saw this tall glass of what she thought was water, her thirst at the time took over and she grabbed the glass thinking it was a thoughtful person chilling water for her, she tossed back a pretty big gulp before realizing it was Vodka! Suffice to say' she was asleep well before the party ended. Mom loved getting together with our family it was one of the things she cherished the most.You know the rule of thumb when packing for a trip, they say take half the stuff out of your suitcase and you will still have enough. Mom didn't quite get that rule, she always had 4 times as much' we went on a family cruise, we needed 2 steamer trunks and an extra limo because of her extra luggage!Mom was a lot like Dom Deluise when it came to having enough food for an event, she never thought we had enough' but we always enough for cox's army. You always needed to be careful of what you told her when she asked what could she bring to an event... if you told her one thing you got two, she basically doubled whatever you told her to bring.Not sure how this happens but there is never a meal that in some way, shape or form the discussion somehow got around to bathroom humor. So many times, we thought we made it through a meal but it never fails that never seems to happen.Mom, we love you and will miss you terribly' however you have given us many years of fond memories to provide us comfort and you will forever be remembered.

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  1. We were so sad to hear of Mary’s passing. Keeping your family in our prayers. Eternal Memory.

  2. Our families go back a very long time and though the years and distance has kept us apart much of that time, I always will remember the wonderful days with your mom as I grew up,My condolences to the entire family and prayers that you will find peace in your hearts. So sorry I could not attend thei wake or funeral, but willl be thinking of you all. Vichnaja jeh pamjat!

  3. You do not know me but I believe I may have a plate that Mary Ann Kovacs painted. It was just given to me by my parents, who found it in my dad’s great aunt’s house in Cleveland OH when she passed away. It’s on the back painted ‘Orig. Byzantine Art handpanted by Mary ann Kovacs’. I don’t know if this is the same lady. I am happy to text you picture of it and I’m happy to send it to you. I’d love for it to find it’s way back to Mary Ann Kovac’s relatives who would truly appreciate this pretty hand painted plate. Hope someone reads this!

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