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  1. Dear “Mom”,
    You were Always a very caring person and worried more of others then yourself! I know it happened numerous time with me and “My Man”. I know for a long time it was not the best for you but Angela always was there for you to give you the attention any good daughter would do! I know you will be leaving a BIG hole in her world but the only good thing to say about this whole thing is that you went Peacefully and now you are with Dad and Andy. I know you have missed them Dearly and now you can be together and you won’t have any pain or lack of Quality of Life. I know the World is a Crazy place now but you will be so missed by Angela, Ava, Frank, your other family and friends and by me! You Almost got US there, and I LOVE you for that! Please give Dad, my Guy hugs and kisses when you meet up with them! Eternal Peace…….Kathy

  2. Please accept our heartfelt and deepest condolences on the lost of your mother and our beloved Aunt Mary. My mother loved her very much. They were numbers 2 and 3 out of twelve children. They would both tell stories of the old days which I know I have etched in my mind. Although distance was between us our love for Aunt Mary never was. May she Rest In Peace with Jesus, her beloved Andrews and her family that has gone before her. Aunt Mary was one remarkable lady. Always in our thoughts and prayers. Love the Saggese and Christensen Families and ,of course, her loving brother, Philip.

  3. To My Good Samaritan,
    “Be God’s woman, in God’s place, doing God’s work, in God’s place.
    I love you, wonderful mother of mine.

  4. We are so sorry, Angela! Our deepest condolences are with you, Frank, and Ava at this most difficult time. I remember your mom, our beloved Aunt Mary, as a very spirited and funny person! We always had a good time in your mother’s presence. I remember the fun barbecues at my parents’ home,and of us all being together, along with your mom, Aunt Josie and Uncle Danny, my mother and father, and Aunt Anna and Uncle Bill and their families. Your mom and Aunt Josie were the life of the party. I also remember your mom’s contagious laugh; i can hear her and see her in my mind right now. It was such a genuine and hearty laugh. However, make no mistake about it, no one wants to mess with Aunt Mary! When she felt strongly about something, watch out, lol! Not towards us, of course, but my mom told me funny stories of her going to the doctor, and what she told him when he wanted to get paid,lol! No one made a fool out of her! But the most important thing that I remember about Aunt Mary is that she loved her entire family very much, and would do anything for them! I remember her coming to my house on New Year’s Eve, and making me feel loved, and how she told me how beautiful Lauren was. She was a very sincere and loving aunt to me. Your mom, my Aunt Mary, will always have a special place in my heart. Rest in peace, Aunt Mary, alongside all of our dearly departed relatives. Love always, Laurie Anne, Matt, and family

  5. Even though that I didn’t know Aunt Mary, I am sorry about the loss in your family. This is a very terrible time to have someone die during the pandemic. Everyone is in my thoughts and prayers.


    Lauren and Josh

  6. Dear Angela, Frank, and Ava: We send our love and our prayers to the three of you at this difficult time. I can recall my sister, Mary, looking out for the younger siblings, especially at Christmas time, always making sure that we had something under the tree to open. One Christmas, she woke me and Uncle Junior up, saying, “Catherine, , look at what Santa left!!” I remember that moment today, when she said, “Look! Santa left this just for you, a beautiful doll with a pink dress, a beautiful hat and shoes.” Then, she went to Uncle Junior, and his eyes were gleaming when she showed him a beautiful red bicycle that Santa had left just for him. We truly felt blessed. Angela, growing up in a large family is truly a gift that I will treasure always. My sister, Mary, was a big part of my life, as were all of my other siblings. Every weekend, my sister had a list made with things that we were supposed to do on the weekend. It included: how to clean the house, and that we had to alternate cleaning different rooms in the house every weekend. Besides the above, she taught me how to iron. I could go on and on, but all I can say is that she is gone, but surely never forgotten. Memories and good times and pictures last a lifetime. She has gone to her resting place, where she will meet Jesus and all of her family that has gone before her , waiting for her with open arms. Angela, Frank, and Ava: God bless you all! Much love always, Aunt Catherine and Uncle Louis

  7. Dear Angela, Frank and Ava: Chuck and I offer our sincere condolences at this difficult time. My fondest memories of Cousin Mary was when we used to visit almost every Saturday at the house during the 60’s and 70’s. She was always welcoming to my mother, father, and me. She was sweet, hospitable and funny – a good soul. I could always see she enjoyed being around people. At the same time, she was nobody’s fool which I admired. May she enjoy her rightful eternal rest with Jesus and her family. Our love to all.

    Mary & Chuck Trabocchi

  8. verily verily , I say unto you,
    He that heareth my word,
    and believeth on him that sent me, hath everlasting life.
    and shall not come into condemnation but is passed from death unto life
    John 5:24

  9. To my Aunt Mary, I will always remember the times being at your house and seeing your beautiful smile and dimples. You were a beautiful, kind and caring aunt. We will all miss you dearly. Rest In Peace with my mom and all your brothers, sisters, husband and parents. Love, Janet and Jeff xoxo

  10. To My Beloved Grandmother,
    I know that our time together may have been fleeting but the memories that we have shared and the love that I have for you is eternal. I will forever cherish the moments we spent together: dancing in the kitchen, playing cards, watching Uncle Andy build his model planes, and our glorious Sunday dinners. I will remember your infectious laugh and your radiant smile, mom always says I inherited your dimples! You graced your family, friends and every person you met, with your joyous spirit and left us all with fond memories and gifts. I know that I may not have had the opportunity to know you as well as others, but I also know that you have left me with the greatest gift of all, your daughter Angela; my mom. I know you must have been the incredible woman that everyone describes you to be because you raised a wonderful daughter, but I know you know that already! You are resting in peace with Jesus now, but your spirit and the way you touched all of our hearts will live on forever. I know you are being welcomed home by many. Say “hello” to Uncle Andy for me! Mom, Frank and I will miss you and love you always but I know you will be watching over us.
    Love, Ava xox

  11. Dear Mary,
    Although we’ve only known each other for a short portion of your life I am thankful for the time we had together. The stories of your life gave so much meaning to the glimpses of your personality that I was able to see. Your strength is an inspiration, to get the dreaded phone calls from the Smithtown Center and rush to your side to see you fight and pull through was amazing. Angela’s love and devotion to you is a testament to the love and care she got from being your daughter. I am truly privileged to be her husband. I will miss our visits, watching you enjoy your meal and being jealous of how comfortable you look relaxing in your bed, and taking our walks outside in the good weather. I take solace in the fact that you have ascended to heavenly paradise to be with Jesus, your husband and son, and all of the family members that you have not seen in so long a time. If anyone is deserved of this it is certainly you. God bless you, as he has blessed us with your presence, you will be missed , love, your son in law, Frank

  12. Dear Angela, please know that i understand the sadness of your mom passing. In heaven she is back to her life loving funny self. Your mom’s birthday was the day before mine, she would always save a piece of cake or a cup cake from her celebration, and gave it to me on mine. My mom was not really the celebration type. Your mom knew that. I remember her running out the front door waving her dish towel at Andy cause he teased her and ran out laughing. She loved her roses, loved to sing while she worked in her garden. I was blessed to have Mary Di Franco as a part of my young life, when I needed a tender touch. My prayers are with your family today for strength and understanding of the heavens.
    Peggie Clark Bonomi

  13. Dear Aunt Mary,
    I remember all the good times we had at our family get togethers, you were always the life of the party. Always joking around and making everyone laugh, I remember like it was yesterday. I wish we had more time together. I wish you could’ve known my wife and children they would’ve loved you. Some day we will all meet in heaven and what a reunion that will be! Until then we pray for Gods blessing on your soul as he takes you into his loving arms and carries you through heavens gates.

    All our love,
    Louis, Joanne Nicole and Louis Jr Pinata

  14. Dear Aunt Mary,
    There are so many wonderful memories i have of spending time with you. Whether is be the Sunday drives to your house, with the cream filled Entenman’s cake, or the summers in our back yard that seemed to go on for days. I remember the good ole days and it warms my heart. I remember you laughing and enjoying life. I believe we shall all meet again. And like Louis says what a reunion that will be.
    All our Love,
    Susan & Jimmy

  15. Dear Aunt Mary,
    You were a very important part of my life. You were always over my house for coffee with my Mom, attending birthdays and other events. I loved your funny stories and adventures that you had with my Grandmother. You had such a wonderful laugh, you were such a kind, energetic and positive person. like a shining bright light. I remember the time when you got snowed in at our house during a blizzard, you spent 4 days with us laughing and cooking up a storm. I will never forget your generosity and support when you let my Mom, me and my brother stay at your house for a few months during a difficult time. I miss you Aunt Mary. You are never far from my thoughts. I know you are in heaven with Uncle Andy, Andrew, your parents and your siblings watching over us. Our heartfelt condolences to Angela, Frank and Ava. Love Always, Peter and Laura.


  17. candleDear Mom, I lit a candle for you today. Just thinking of you and i hope it reaches you and u smile.

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