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  1. We had many good times together Mike. So many family picnics, wonderful Thanksgivings, Christmas, etc., were made memorable by you and your trusty camera. The interview on Thanksgiving about how we met our wives and husbands, was absolutely the best. We have lost a very special person and I lost part of the outlaws. You will always be remembered and I know you will be watching over Judy, Chris, Jon, and the rest of us. We love you and miss you.

  2. I posted this on the ‘Growing Up in Shoreham’ facebook page late last night – this is the response so far///Erin Newcomb Schmalzle:Sad news- social studies teacher- Mike Miner passed away this Sunday, April 6. The wake is at the new Branch funeral home in Miller Place Wednesday, April 9 from 2-4 and 7-9He is the reason I became a social studies teacher… I have been so blessed to have him in my life and in the life of my children.. May he rest in peace///Ellen Monaghan Kaspar–What sad news- I remember his class well.ΓÇ¿ΓÇ¿ΓÇ¿ΓÇ¿ΓÇ¿ΓÇ¿ΓÇ¿///ΓÇ¿ΓÇ¿ΓÇ¿ΓÇ¿Beth Shanley King—-That is sad, had him also.ΓÇ¿///ΓÇ¿ΓÇ¿ΓÇ¿Julia Hannan Harris— May his family be comforted///ΓÇ¿ΓÇ¿ΓÇ¿ΓÇ¿ΓÇ¿John Squillante—Very sad. One of those teachers who made me love (and major in) history.ΓÇ¿///ΓÇ¿ΓÇ¿ΓÇ¿ΓÇ¿Gina Arcario-Michau— I used his apartheid exercise, he used eye color, every time I taught the book ‘The Wave’. It was a powerful tool to use and always worked. 34 years later I was still using lessons from his class.ΓÇ¿///Erin Newcomb Schmalzle— Me tooΓÇ¿-In the classroom next to his!ΓÇ¿///Christy Rohrig —Please pass on my well wishes from California. I too enjoyed Mr. Miner’s classes///.ΓÇ¿ΓÇ¿ΓÇ¿ΓÇ¿ΓÇ¿MaryLou De Carlo— Rest in peace, so sad he was such a sweet man.ΓÇ¿///ΓÇ¿ΓÇ¿ΓÇ¿ΓÇ¿Tom DeLuca— Sorry to hear it…He was a great teacher for meΓÇ¿ΓÇ¿ΓÇ¿ΓÇ¿ΓÇ¿ΓÇ¿ΓÇ¿///ΓÇ¿ΓÇ¿ΓÇ¿ΓÇ¿Leon Maggio—Great life teacher…took Brian Mann and I fishing once in a dingy off the shore at Wading River. He knew it was the best thing for us. I didn’t until years later. He was part of an incredible legacy of amazing teachers at SWR.ΓÇ¿///ΓÇ¿ΓÇ¿ΓÇ¿ΓÇ¿Tom Hespos— That’s sad to hear. I had him for ninth grade Global Studies and thought he was an amazing teacher. He made it obvious in class on day one – did any of his students forget about the distortion inherent in Mercator projection?///

  3. Maura Newcomb McAnney— So sad. He was a good teacher and an even better person.///Tara DuBois:— May he rest in peace . He was a great teacher and friend. He will be missed by all who knew his magnanimous smile and his practical joking side. I was just talking about the time we went to get an ad for the yearbook from a bank . We walked up to the drive up window to have the teller say ‘we don’t accept walk ups’ so we sat as if we were in a car and Mr. Miner pretended he was driving! We laughed all the way back from the bank. God Bless him . May God hold his family in his loving arms during this difficult time.///Jennifer Rentz— I loved Mr. Miner. I’m a history teacher because of him and the other amazing history teachers at SWR. So sad he has passed.///Mary Judge— What a great guy! I am so sorry that he is gone. My prayers to his family///Beth Shanley King— Sad news!///Kerin O’Connor—~RIP~ Remember his class well.///Dennis Gallagher— RIP – I remember this class well.///Austin Tosi— RIP…anyone remember the apartheid-themed lesson based on your eye color?///Patricia O’brien— RIP Mr. Miner///Michelle Doreen—I had him in ninth grade. What a nice man xo///Kerin O’Connor—Yes Tossi! Blue eyes (me) were not allowed to use bathroom or water fountain in B wing!///Caitlin Durney Grossman— He was such a character. So sad to hear///Kathleen Serafine—Rest in peace///Gina Arcario-Michau— I had the lesson in 1976 when I was a 9th grade student of Mr Miner. Years later, as an English teacher, I used it every time I taught the book The Wave until 2010 when I had stop teaching because of health.///Susan Guli Horace— MS is all too familiar with me. I am glad he touched so many of our lives.R.I.P.///Patricia Hyte-Klotz—RIP I had him in 9th grade. He was a nice man who enjoyed teaching///Laura Ann—Great teacher. Nice man///

  4. Mr. Miner was a rare teacher who never gave up on his students even when they had given up on themselves. Truly a gift to the teaching profession whose lessons will carry on in the many teachers he inspired to become teachers themselves. The world has lost a bright light. He will be missed.

  5. It is with great sadness I write this note. Mr Minor was my social studies teacher in 1976. He impacted my life so strongly that the decision to teach was easy. While I was teaching, I used lessons he taught in my class in 1976.I believe and know he was an extraordinary man. He had a terrific sense of humor and never missed a moment to make you laugh. He was trustworthy and kind. I can’t express enough that Mr Minor’s style of teaching and his personality was a driving motivation to become a teacher. His passing is a great loss, his family and all of the lives he helped shape.May he rest in the arms of God.

  6. Mr. Miner will be greatly missed. I was just telling a friend about the time we went selling ads for the yearbook. We walked up to the drive thru window of the bank to have the teller say’ we don’t take walk ups.’ We then pretended we were in a car with Mr. Miner as the driver. Mr. Miner rest in peace knowing how many lives your inspirational teaching and practical joking have touched. I send with you a pitcher filled with paper dots from the 3 hole punch so you can continue to make people laugh in heaven. Judy and boys, may Gods loving and caring arms surround you during this difficult time. Love from Colorado, Tara

  7. Our deepest sympathy.He played a loving role in the lives of our family and will be dearly missed.God give you the courage to carry on

  8. An amazing and talented teacher. An inspiration to many. May he rest easy now, and his family find peace.

  9. Mike had the rare ability to harness and direct the boundless energies of his students and propel them to greater accomplishments than they would otherwise achieve. Although only my teacher for freshman year, he took me in as a protégé and somehow was able to hold my attention and funneled my considerably random energies to positive things throughout my 4 years at SWRHS. He somehow got me hooked on yearbook of all things (I think he did this by simply telling me the female to male ratio for students participating was 43 to 1) and this became as much a passion of mine as it was obviously his. He was a terrific teacher and mentor and a better friend, showing me the good in people and how to make a difference in the world. His love and commitment to family and his colleagues at SWR was admirable and something I have attempted to model in my own life. The world was a better place with him in it, his memory will be cherished. Praying that his family will find peace and comfort knowing he is finally no longer in pain, and at rest at last.

  10. I am praying for you and your family, Jon. Even as we weep here on earth, heaven is rejoicing at the homecoming of one of it’s precious saints.

  11. Our hearts go out the Miner family. Wishing you peace to bring comfort,courage to face the days ahead and loving memories to forever hold in yourhearts.

  12. Jon, you and your family are in my thoughts and prayers now and always. May peace and happier memories reside in your hearts.

  13. Chris Van —I never had him but I got so much out of the Global Studies club. Somehow a few of us ended up having lunch in his classroom every day. I remember him telling us that when you’re young, life seems to take forever but the older you get, the faster it gets, and years can pass in the blink of an eye. That sounded crazy to me at the time, but ain’t it the truth?///ΓÇ¿ΓÇ¿ΓÇ¿ΓÇ¿Jacqueline Klentzin— Very sad. He will be missed. His class was one if my favorites.///ΓÇ¿ΓÇ¿ΓÇ¿ΓÇ¿Kelli Cummins-Branson —Sad news- he was a great teacher///ΓÇ¿ΓÇ¿ΓÇ¿ΓÇ¿Richie Shivers —Sad to hear, BUT its more than obvious he made a great difference in many lives.///ΓÇ¿ΓÇ¿Ben Abbatiello —he motivated me so much. Great teacher. RIP!!!ΓÇ¿///ΓÇ¿ΓÇ¿ΓÇ¿ΓÇ¿Jerry Silverstein— I am deeply saddened. Mike had a tough road health wise but he was a good person and a great teacher.ΓÇ¿///ΓÇ¿ΓÇ¿ΓÇ¿ΓÇ¿Lee Daly —I remember his sense of humor and good nature. A great person and a great teacher.///ΓÇ¿ΓÇ¿ΓÇ¿ΓÇ¿ΓÇ¿ΓÇ¿ΓÇ¿ΓÇ¿ΓÇ¿ΓÇ¿Kathleen Holden Mazur—- Great teacher, like most of the SWR teachers in the 80’s/early 90’s. Sad to hear!ΓÇ¿///ΓÇ¿ΓÇ¿Rebecca Glass– He was a great person.ΓÇ¿///ΓÇ¿ΓÇ¿ΓÇ¿ΓÇ¿Christine Glass-Steel —Sorry to hear this. I remember his class vividly.ΓÇ¿///ΓÇ¿ΓÇ¿ΓÇ¿ΓÇ¿Tracy Steiber- McLoughlin —Wonderful teacher and role model. He made history fun.ΓÇ¿////ΓÇ¿ΓÇ¿Stephanie Jarrach— So sorry to hear this. I’ll be never forget driving around Friday afternoons in his VW bug to sell yearbook ads.ΓÇ¿///Marybeth Mohring Kamibeppu— One of my all time favorite teachers ever. Thanks Erin for keeping us in the loop. Wish I could be there. Anyone else remember Miner`s Whiners and going to see that crazy show Mr. Bill as a housegroup?///

  14. Corrine Savona— Had him back in 1979 during his first year or so at the school. He was an amazing teacher and person. My nephew had him years later and loved him as well. Prayers for him and his family.ΓÇ¿///Kimmarie Boccia— Condolences to his family, may he R.I.P.ΓÇ¿///ΓÇ¿ΓÇ¿ΓÇ¿ΓÇ¿ΓÇ¿ΓÇ¿Jane Wagner— RIP, sad to hear that.ΓÇ¿///ΓÇ¿ΓÇ¿Linda Greve MacDonald— This is such sad news. Rest in Peace Mr. Miner.ΓÇ¿///ΓÇ¿ΓÇ¿Jennifer Rentz— I remember watching Gandhi in class too. I think it took a week to see the whole movie. Heavy stuff for us back then, but it pushed us. Something kids today don’t get in school anymore.ΓÇ¿////ΓÇ¿ΓÇ¿Diane DeLuca LoBiondo— A great teacher! RIP Mr. Miner…you were one of my favorites!!!!ΓÇ¿/////Maggie Drower— Sad news, he was well liked and a great teacher.ΓÇ¿///ΓÇ¿ΓÇ¿Marie Wern —UGH… not another one… RIP Mr. Miner///

  15. I would like to express my sincere condolences to the family and friends of Mr. Miner. I hope you will find comfort as I have in this wonderful promise from our Heavenly Father–Revelation 21:3,4.

  16. Mike we miss you as a brother and enjoyed the laughter, love and passion in life you shared. The drive and knowledge that you shared inspired many and I whish you were here to look over my shoulder I didn’t even get a chance to test my hearing aids with you it would have been nice because I would not have missed all the choice loving and inspiring comments you made. I’m sure you know how much Karen loved you and your company. Say high to all and help us on our way.

  17. I lost the Best brother anyone one could ever have. I’ll miss your infectious smile, laugh, quick wit, and sense of humor.I picture your wonderful smile among the angels.Enjoy your angel wings that make you mobile once again. Love Always, Kerry

  18. Sorry to hear of Michael’s passing. Our thoughts and prayers are with you and your family.

  19. Mike was my home room teacher for four years. He had a huge impact on my life as well as many of my classmates. We will miss him.

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