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  1. Uncle Michael! The man. The legend. All children loved Uncle Michael.
    I am very grateful to my parents, Evelyn & Ed, for having Uncle Michael to our home often when we were wee children. His visits were synonymous with fun, laughter, awesome food, and awesome presents. As a result, my sisters and I may have been his first raving fans under 3 feet tall.
    When Uncle Michael came, the “red carpet” was rolled out. Mom prepared food those weekends that weren’t served otherwise. There was lobster, steak, shrimp, onion soup, London broil sandwiches, Thick & Frosty’s, etc. And Big Ed made his famous rice pudding just for Uncle Michael. They ate like no one else. Then they would nap.
    While they would nap, we would play with the presents that Uncle Michael brought us. The presents were always unique, always thoughtful. I remember some… Slime, the indoor roller coaster (sorta), algorithms, grass hula skirts, etc.
    When they woke, we played cards, Masterpiece, pool ricochet, and other games. What is most memorable, however, was our first marshmallow fight. This happened to be at his home in NJ where he lived for many years. When we were just young adults and teenagers, my fabulous sisters and I were visiting him one weekend, and somehow it just happened. We were breathless from all unexpected frantic fun. What is most interesting about this is that when we went to clean up his home in the recent past there was still a marshmallow memorialized on his fireplace mantel in the tooth of a wooden mask. Yes, after all the years and dust it was barely recognizable, but I still knew what it was: a symbol of Uncle Michael’s purpose to show children (even if we were getting bigger) fun.
    I’ve met Uncle Michael’s “other” families over the past few years. Alice and John, the neighbors and children of his cul-de-sac, and Vince, Lillian and Lorraine. His life in the last years revolved around all of you when it was recommended by the doctor that he no longer drive long distances. We missed him at many holidays due to the distance, and we are forever grateful to know that he had all of you. THANK YOU!
    To my friends Mary & Tony, THANK YOU for helping guide me in the right direction so that I could make sure Uncle Mike was looked out for in the best way possible.
    To my sisters, Veronica, Linda and Debbie, who all helped keep my spirits up during this last year. THANK YOU. And V, three years ago when Uncle Mike broke his foot, thanks for helping me sneak out some of the garbage! XOXO.
    To my husband, Keith, your help restoring his home to its former beauty, the way it was before he became a victim of his memory disease, was priceless. Though he only saw it just once after it was cleaned up, it meant a tremendous amount to me that on his last visit to his home that Uncle Mike saw everything was treated with respect, and then hearing unexpectedly from Uncle Michael that “you done good”.
    To my mom and Aunt Maureen… THANK YOU! You two Godbold girls took care of a lot of formalities for Uncle Michael and kept his social life up too! You have a special place in my heart.
    The most heartfelt thanks are for my daughter, Carly. I would not have been able to do what needed to be done for Uncle Michael without you. He loves you, and the simple sound of your name gave him joy even over the phone in the last week of his life. I love you and THANK YOU!!! XOXO.

    I am sad that my son, Andrew, niece Lianna, nephews Vincent, Gregory and Eddie along with so many others are not able to join us at our final farewell. I know you will have him in your hearts. I love you all.
    May God bless you Uncle Michael. Frozen Hot Chocolates will never be the same without you. You were my friend, uncle, confidant, career coach, and so much more. You are missed. XOXO.

  2. To Mike and his family and friends,

    You all know that Mike was loved by the children around him and he loved them. He was always asking if he could give them a gift for their birthdays or other special occasions. He loved seeing them at Halloween and always gave out the best treats. He was always cheerful and smiling.

    He was a friend to adults too. He was always interested how things were, what you were up to at work. During his last days in his home in NJ, we did our best to help him, but he didn’t want to be a bother. He was missed the day that he moved out.

    We will keep him and you all in our thoughts and prayers. I know that he is in a better place, waiting for us all to eventually join him there.

  3. It is with a heavy heart that we have to say farewell to Michael for now. Michael touched all of our lives, my family and my brothers family. He was a character and had a weird sense of humor that he was so proud of. He was a constant in our lives near or far. When you spoke to Him by phone you knew it would beat least be an hour. But it seemed he schooled us

  4. Well you will be truly missed by all. Michael was so blessed to have Kelly watching out for him. Her. Daughter Carly also was right by Kelly side. Am so glad that we were able to visit Uncle Mike and meet Kelly and Carly. One day hope to meet the rest of the family. Well Michael luv ya and always remember , (I have my upper lip curled at you)❤️❤️😇😇

  5. So today I woke up and I decided to make my chocolates chip cookies that uncle Michael loved. I never knew what to give him for the holidays for a gift but I always knew he like cookies. He gave me so much as a young girl. I was never more excited knowing uncle Michael was coming out to visit from New Jersey. That meant the best of food, pink bellies, slime ! Linda and I had to share a bed so uncle mike had a place to sleep. Throw us into the air from the low end of the pool to splash into the deep end ☺️~ Daddy and him joking around, all of it ! life just seemed better on the weekends uncle Micheal was there…. because it was.
    I’m blessed to have the greatest of memories ~ always in my heart and every time I make cookies the love for uncle Micheal will be in every batch. Thank you Uncle Micheal , I love you ❤️

  6. Many of the stories that people have shared are about how people’s lives were made better by having Uncle Michael in it. As a member of the younger generation in our family, I can attest that this theme carried through the generations. When uncle Michael came to visit we were always ready for the most thoughtful gifts, grandpa’s rice pudding, pink bellies, and a giant marshmallow fight. Some of my earliest memories are of Uncle Mike with his foot on my stomach giving me that “Pink Belly!!!” haha.
    I still have entire libraries of self improvement books that he gifted me; “How to read the Wall St. Journal”, books on how to invest, and on the Pythagorean Theorem (which was a topic for my science fair project that Uncle Michael had inspired). I’ll also never forget how considerate he was with his gifts of fake $50 bills with my picture on it, a roll of uncut genuine $2 bills, giant posters made up of taped together standard computer paper with ’97 word art on it, etc. Nobody else I know does that.
    I’m sad that I didn’t get to see Uncle Mike as much in recent years but I was able to connect over the phone and his character never changed no matter how long it’d been. I’ll never forget his personality and I’m sure I’ll be catching up on some overdue reading. Love you Uncle Mike.

  7. Uncle Michael was truly one of kind. His generosity and thoughtfulness was beyond most people I have ever met. The memory that sticks out most to me when I think of him was that he was the first person out of anyone who sent me package when I was at Quinnipiac. It was a cricket filled lollipop and a fake $50 dollar bill (which i used to prank tons of people). The fact that he took time out of his day to go and send me something meant a lot to me… he truly cared. I am going to miss Uncle Michael and him not being there around the holidays won’t seem right. Rest in peace Uncle Michael and give the Duck a big hug and kiss from me. You will be missed.

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