Sallie was born in Bennettsville, South Carolina on June 2, 1932 to Nathaniel Pouncy and Louise Pouncy. On May 5, 1955, Sallie married Milton Dupree, her first love. Sallie was a devoted wife, mother, sister and grandmother. She loved cooking and she was an excellent cook and baker, making her favorite dishes like macaroni and cheese, stuffing, collard greens, apple pies, sweet potato pies and homemade biscuits; just to name a few. She loved to dress and wear hats that matched every outfit, even down to her footwear! She was a spiritual woman, who loved Jehovah God and her spiritual family at her beloved Congregation in Brooklyn, NY. She loved to dance and without effort she was a comedian and always made folks laugh and welcomed at her home! Her favorite remarks that she was known for saying was, “OH WHAT A LIFE!”, and “I KNOW ONE THING!” Which her children find themselves saying! Sallie was a retired employee of the United States Postal Service who worked at the James A. Farley Post Office in NYC. She has been retired for over 27 years. Sallie is survived by her 5 children, Judith (also known as Cookie); Milton, Jr. (also known as Bobby); Christopher (also known as Chris); Richard (also known as Ricky), Tanya and Shameek. Her son-in-law, James Reeder; daughter-in-law, Virtudes and Cornelia; her grand-children, Kaisher, Vanessa, Kato, Tamarra, Tanya, Christina and Precious, her great grand-children, Christopher, Sade, Jade, Zora, Lanora, Isabella, Mary Jane, Liam, Mia, Kevin, Milan, Malachi, and Madeline, and another great grandson on the way. Her two sisters, Mary Rucker and Rosa Lee Kornegay, and her brother-in-law, Robert Kornegay. She is also survived by over thirty foster children; three boys from one family, Davon, Akida, and Alonzo and Steve Williams who lives in Florida. Sallie was her children’s best friend, and she never showed favoritism from one child to another. She loved them all equally! Sallie was known by her friends as “Duke,” when she lived in Fort Green. So, “Sallie, “Mommy,” “Duke,” “Grand-ma”; you will be truly missed and forever loved!


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  1. You will be truly and deeply missed. Your were such a beautiful person inside and out, your memory will live on forever in all of the hearts that you have touched. My deepest condolences to your family I know they miss you so very very much and your spirit will watch over them always.

  2. My Mama has been a true inspiration to me in so many areas of my life. My fondest memory of my Mom are the times I spent with her in her room just watching TV or talking about various things. I recall working in the corporate world and always looked forward to my time with Mom after leaving the office. I remember bringing her Roses on payday after work cause she always told me she don’t want no flowers or roses after she’s gone but while she’s hear and can smell them. So I made it my duty to make sure I would bring her roses and we would literally sit and talk for hours. My Mama was full of Style & Class with the most wittiest personality one could hope for. She knew how to keep a smile on your face and never looked down or judged anyone and possessed genuine love for all. During my early childhood, I was shifted and moved around to numerous homes but it wasn’t till I was welcomed into the Dupree’s home that I came to know what genuine love was all about, from my siblings that made me feel I belonged to Mama who never made me feel like an outsider. This would be my most valued experience and memory of the Dupree’s and even till this day, I am still looked upon as family and the love remains for me as I love them. She has truly been the Mom I never had and always wanted. I am honored to have had my life experience with her and will value it until my own transition. I LOVE YOU DEARLY MOM & ALWAYS WILL.

  3. My condolences to you and the entire family. It hurts me to hear this. I wish I could have gotten the chance to see you again but I know Jehovah had other plans for you. I just wanted to say I will forever love and miss you. May you forever rest in peace. Thank you for accepting me and making me feel like part of the family. You will definitely be truly miss.😘❤❤❤

    Paula Verma

  4. ❤️ I thought of you today but that is nothing new. I thought about you yesterday and days before that too. I think of you in silence and I often speak your name. All I have are memories and your pictures in a frame. Your memory is a keepsake from which I will never part. God has you in his arms and I have you forever in my heart. ❤️ Love you grandma always! May you Rest In Peace, your loving memories will always be apart of me. You are a very special women one that will truly be missed. ❤️

  5. You will truly be missed Ms.Dupree, especially by Lemuel and Laramie you made a lasting impression on my two boys. If my father could understand what was going on he would be in tears knowing that a good friend has left him. To the family I can only offer my deepest sympathies for I know what it’s like to lose a great mother. With tear filled eyes may she rest in eternal peace.

  6. She was a Light in my Dark place . A mother to my sons when I was unable to be . I will always carry her in my Heart , I will be forever Grateful to her n her children for sharing their Mom with me n my children.
    Jackie and Children

  7. “Do not be amazed at this, for the hour is coming in which all those in the memorial tombs will hear his voice and come out”
    John 5:28,29
    The Murphy Family

  8. Judith,

    I was so touched by the videos, pictures and comments from others. Obviously, Sallie touched so many lives. Such is the way with Mothers and Grandmothers. She is now with the Lord and no longer suffers the aches and pains of this world. Walking the streets of Heaven, praising our Lord and Savior. (Psalm 119:50 “My comfort in my suffering is this: Your promise preserves my life.”) My prayers and celebration in her new life are with you. Rick Acker

  9. The almighty called his daughter home. I’m so blessed to have been a part of her life as well as my Aunt being a part of mine. Just as recently last year, we had the time to catch up and come together as a family to celebrate. I thank God for that opportunity. As my Aunt has been removed from our presence, she will remain always in my heart. May God give the family comfort and peace in this difficult time, knowing that she is in the best care possible. Love, Michael. Miami, Florida.

  10. Aunt Sallie you will be missed, but consolation in knowing you are with our Father God. Love you so much, your niece Gale

  11. This lady was like a mom to me, she always had a smile on her face. she was the best dressed on block hands down, im going to miss you RIP.

  12. Rest in peace Sister, I miss you already and our conversations everyday. We will meet again. Your Sister Rosa and brother in law Robert.

  13. Our sincere condolences to the Dupree family at this time. We are sending prayers of strength, comfort and love. Sallie will be missed and always treasured. Love Craig and Susan Williams.

  14. In memory of my loving Mother-in Law. I will miss you dearly.
    Always in my Heart
    Cornelia Hilliard Dupree

  15. Dear Grandma,

    If there’s one thing I don’t tell you enough, it’s “thank you.” First and foremost, thank you for being born. It might sound funny, but I’m serious. You started this crazy family long ago and your legacy just keeps on growing. Even though our family is huge and each one of us is different from the next, there’s one thing we all have in common: our love for you. You’ve set the perfect example for our family, and for that, I am so grateful. Thank you for being a master in the kitchen. I don’t care what anyone says, a grandma’s cooking is the best. I don’t know what she does to make her macaroni and cheese and collard greens taste as good they do, but I’m fairly certain it’s illegal for something to be that delicious. Thank you for all the good times in NC going to Red & White, Walmart, or just sitting and watching House of Payne, or The Price is Right. Thank you for the advice when I needed it. Thank you for believing in me when at times I didn’t believe in myself. Thank you for knowing and pushing me beyond my limits and telling me I will be great with whatever I do in life. I love you!

  16. Dear Grandma,
    You will never be forgotten ! Your energy ,attitude and personality was seriously AMAZING ! I will miss you, and always love you, and find comfort in knowing that your physical presence may be gone but YOU are always here in SPIRIT. You touched so many people’s lives. You took care of everyone , your strength showed as you even lost your husband, but was still strong enough to be the Backbone that your family needs. I hate that I didn’t get to see you as much as I wanted to and that due to Covid 19 we can’t be with you in person but the last time I saw you will stay with me forever and I will cherish that visit and those moments. R.I.P. Beautiful until we meet again.

    Love you Grandma,

  17. Going to miss you Sallie, gonna miss seeing you outside and having our convos when I would come home from work. You watched me grow from up from from that little Reese boy into a man.

  18. I love my grandma to the deepest part of my heart. She will always be a part of me in so many ways. Her words of wisdom has helped me become the woman I am today and I will forever be grateful. She has been the backbone to our family and will truly be missed. She had a sassy no nonsense attitude and had a huge heart. She opened her home to many and shared her love to all. She is the best cook I know and could cut it up on the dance floor. Oh, did she have some moves! Her sassiness and one of a kind dance moves always put a smile on those around her. She was so much to so many! I know I speak for many when I say we all loved to gather around her and just listen to her tell stories and share a few laughs.
    Grandma Sallie you will always be a part of me, I pray that you continue to watch our family forever and ever.

    Your loving granddaughter,

  19. I met Miss Sallie over 25 yrs ago when Tanya was a matron for my twins. From the time Tanya introduced us, I instantly knew that she was a nuturing soul. Although there was a period that I wasn’t in touch with the Dupree Clan, she welcomed me back in with open arms. My most favorite memory will be the time I came over that Friday after Thanksgiving & the family was in the living room watching videos & dancing. I bought my Special Lemonade too! Thanks Miss Sallie for being that strong woman that you were and now take your Rest In Peace.❤

  20. Where do I start, My momma/Auntie Sallie…I want to thank you for loving me and my family like your very own Eleven years ago when Tanya invited me and my family down to your home in Rocky Mount, who would’ve ever know that the family Ties was Already there way back in Bensenville Day’s, I thank you for that because it bought mommy and Aunt Mary back together again!!! Momma Dupree Thank you for everything that you have done for me, Thank you for all your kind words of encouragement which got me through some shacky/scary times. Thank you for loving us all, Thank you for all the Great memories that you left us with in out Hearts…..You will be Tremendously missed, Love you ALWAYS ❤DENICE❤

  21. Dear Grandma,

    Man This Is Tough & Definitely Hit The Family Hard. As I Write I Cant Help But To Cry Cause U Are An Amazing Gramdmother To All Your Grandchildren. When We Couldn’t Get Our Way Wit Our Parents We Knew To Run To Grandma & She Would Give Us What We Wanted Anyway. Your Love For Your Children, Grandchildren Was So Pure. I’m So Heart Broken Grandma But I Know U Wit Grandpa & He’s Holding While Y’all Continue To Watch Down On Your Family. My Baby Doll Imma Miss U Cutting Up On Me Cause I Would Mark U, Try On Ur Wigs & Your Hats. Imma Miss Your Sassy 2 Step Dancing Your Home Cooked Meals. You Was Definitely My Lifetime Partner Watching Every Sunday You Must Of Seen Every Lifetime Movie Out. You Have Taught Me So Much Being 2nd To Oldest Grand & I Promise To Lead My Young Siblings In The Right Direction But Will Definitely Add That Spice U Had To It Just For U…. #SmileForMe. Grandma Imma Miss U Love U So Much.

    Love Your Granddaughter,
    P.S In My Grandmother County Voice

  22. Sallie will always be in our memories as a fun-loving person that will make you bend over laughing. She will surely be missed. But, Sallie shared a hope that many of us have, and that is being resurrected and live forever with peace and security and no worries about death, pain, or sorrow anymore forever (Revelation 21:3, 4). This is what Jehovah God, the God Sallie worshipped promised, and this is what she believed. So, right now Sallie is just sleeping and waiting for the time when her name will be called (Job 14: 14, 15). May the family take comfort in the hope that Jehovah God gives.

  23. Sallie Dupree, One of a kind!

    Thank you for loving my family as only you could.
    I trusted you with my prize possessions and you never disappointed me. Everyone who knows me knew you. “The woman who raised my girls as if they were her own”. Your goddaughter, acts so much like you, ever the comedian. So glad I named her after you.

    I enjoyed the lessons learned, we shared so much. Your love for your family was matchless. As you told your stories of their accomplishments pride showed, as a smile crossed your lips. Over the years I watched you open your home/heart to so many.

    Faith, Amanda Sallie, Tracey and Kevin Crawford’s lives are so much better because of the legendary, Sallie Dupree

    Rest in Peace

  24. To the worlds Greatest Grandmother.
    I am heartbroken from your departure and appreciative of your wisdom that you installed in me throughout the years. Thanks for making me an unpoligetic black women with your lessons of life and explorations. If I can turn the hands of time, I would have wanted more time. You were such an inspiration to us all that capitavated an entire generation from your children to your great- grand children. Your passion for life, love and laughter would never go in vain. You have inspired me to be a better person, mother and daughter. I will miss our Sunday conversations ,jokes of laughter and recipes free consultation. I am sorry that you won’t be here to see your great grand Aden but I know you will be here in spirit watching over him as he comes into excenstence and making sure I am the best mother I can be.
    The Lord said your Mother gives you life, She is the key to heaven and as I watched you blessed this family I know you are there guiding us .
    This is not the end . Until we meet again.
    The Greatest of all Time Grandmother. You can finally rest in peace.
    Love you always

  25. To Grandma Sallie,

    Thank you so much for all you have done for us. When Tamarra and I got together, you welcomed me in with open arms and treated me like your own and you have supported us every step of the way. I feel very blessed and fortunate to have spent time with you from family gatherings and your Delicious cooking! Although this is a tough time for the family, I am sure they will find Peace in cherishing all the Great memories they have shared with you and know that you are at peace in Heaven. God Bless you! May you rest in Peace. I Love You!

    Your Grandson in Law,
    David Bamiro

  26. To Grandma Sallie, this was hard for me to write. I just thought about you last week. I was meaning to ask Tamara about you but I became pre occupied with doctor appointments and then a brief illness. I know you came on my kind due to Jehovah. That was his way of telling me he was taking you home. I wish I would have been able to visit with you and the family more often. You were always welcoming and made me laugh to help brighten my mood. I enjoyed the southern cooking/deserts you made too. When ever Cookie said we were going to your house I would be soo happy because I knew there was going to be a home cooked meal, laughter, hugs from you, and plenty of love to go around. You had that energy that made being around you enjoyable. Although there were times we’ve talked that were not happy times I still valued your opinion. I loved the unity that was shown through you and the interactions with your children, even the ones that were not biological yours. I just wanted to say I will always love you and cherish the good times I had with you. Thank you for allowing me and my family into yours. The memories of you and the good goodtimes we’ve shared will stay forever in my heart. May you rest in eternal peace. Love, Paula Verma

  27. This was a bit difficult to write. How do you condense 5 years into a brief statement meant to embody an experience that is boundless. It takes a special person to take other people children in their home. The commitment and sacrifice it requires doesn’t come with riches and awards, but a fulfillment of the soul. Being a foster parent is Gods work. I’m sure I speak for my mother and brothers when I say thank you Sallie Dupree!

    Anyone who has ever talked to me or who has gotten to know me; my past, know that I believe foster care saved my life. Specifically the Dupree family. I would like to thank Bobby, Cookie, Chris, Ricky, Tanya, Cato, Vanessa, Tamarra, Christina and the entire Dupree for sharing Sallie with us. Because of the foundation she has laid, her legacy extends beyond those that she has clothe and fed throughout the years. We are all eternally grateful.

  28. Aunt Sallie was a strong, beautiful woman who was never afraid to speak her mind. She always kept us laughing with her sassy sense of humor. A sharp dresser who could whip up a mean pan of Macaroni and Cheese! Sallie you will truly be missed. Our condolences go out to the family during these trying times. Love, Patricia, Miyoshi, Nyosha and Diane

  29. April 15, 2020 has changed my life forever. A day I will never forget. I day I had to say goodbye to my mother, my roommate, my special companion, my therapist, my teacher, my dad, but most of all my FRIEND. I’m ao happy that on April 12, 2020 I was able to ride with you in the ambulance to the hospital. God bless those two EMT workers. But never in my wildest dreams did i imagine that day would be the last time you and I would actually be able to look at each other face to face. I miss you so much. My heart is broken. I sit on your favorite chair every night wishing that this was a dream, but its not. I pray to Jehovah to give me and the family strength and guidance. You have always been there for me. Thank you for your jokes, delicious food, you and i making home videos, watching our favorite shows together, eating at our favorite restaurants, ordering in and watching lifetime movies. Thank you for loving all my pets even when sometimes they got on your nerves lol. Mommy you and I had so many plans but I’m going to remember what you told me a few weeks ago. You said “Tanya no matter what happens to me continue those plans and keep the family together” as if you knew you werent going to be here. I promise I will. I kept my promise to daddy on the day of his funeral in 1983 that I would never leave you and i didn’t, and i will keep my promise to you today as we say goodbye April 24, 2020. So mommy continue to sleep. I will say this from one of your favorite quotes” I KNOW ONE THiING….YOU WILL SEE ME MOMMY AGAIN IN PARADISE”. LOVE YOU.YOUR BABY DAUGHTER TANYA.

  30. A woman with grace ,style and didn’t mind speaking her mind and it was always with love and laughter. I am grateful to have encounter you and the jokes and those “CANDY YAMS” gooood lord the best . Thank you for being so welcoming and loving to both Aniyah and I. We love you and will miss you transition well. I know you have one of the biggest set wings in heaven . I love you

  31. I don’t know where to hurt and in pain all I can say is thank you so much.and I love you big mama

  32. Dear Dupree family I am sending my condolences regarding the passing of Ms. Sallie Dupree. She was a wonderful and beautiful person and I am sure she will be missed. I am looking forward to seeing her again under better conditions, when she will wake up in a Paradise earth. There will be no more suffering or pain at that time as Revelations 21:3 & 4 brings out. In the meantime, I am sure she will me missed and my prayers go out to your family for endurance until we can see her gain. Love Gloria Bitting-Givens

  33. Love and Miss You Sallie Mae.. may you rest in peace..Love and Strength to my cousins at this time LOVE YOU!

  34. To Judy and family,

    Condolences to you and your family. Your mother will always be in my thoughts for all the times we celebrated events and especially the party bus trip. She always had me laughing.

    May God bless you and your family.

    Love Linda & Wayne Dewar

  35. My deepest deepest condolences goes out to my Friend her beautiful daughter with a heart of gold we call her Preezy. Words can not express the sorrow I feel for you during this time. I’m always here if you need me. Condolences to her family and dearest friends. Stay prayed up. Blessed and strong my god be with you. With love Shameka Williams

  36. First nd foremost it took almost everything in me just to come up with the words to even express how i feel the words thank you just doesn’t seem to be enough. As a child I didn’t understand a lot of the things that was going on but you showed me what love means nd what family mean right from wrong I just can’t say enough everything I’ve learned its all from you and its hurts to know i didn’t get to say goodbye…. I just want to Thank you sooo much nd I we will always love you….. Jessie nd Andrew

  37. My condolences to the Dupree family and to all of us who will surely miss her graciousness and her loving care. My cousin and I aways smile rememberIng her Mac and cheese and her tenderness. What a joy it would be to see Sallie again and share another moment with her comforting hugs. She will always be in our hearts forever. May she Rest In Peace.

  38. My Sympathies to the family. Sallie will be missed by all.
    But know that Memories are the way of holding on to The Things you Love, The things you are, and The Things you’d never lose. So just remember the Wonderful Things of Her.
    Sleep In Eternal Peace Cousin Sallie,
    Love Laura Kollock

  39. … Sally will be missed. My condolences to my cousins and family. May we all be in Paradise. 💘 Vertell

  40. Dear Tamarra & Family,

    My deepest condolences to you guys, I’m sorry for this huge loss in your family. I’m asking God to pour down more blessings in everyone’s heart & soul at this time. Your grandmother has always been so very beautiful & gracious, especially to your friends. My best memory of her is her wonderful cooking & her kind heart. She always made me feel welcomed at all your family events. These events were that much better because of her, I will cherish those memories forever! I want to thank you guys for always including me & I love you & your beautiful family. Xoxoxoxo Sharifa.

  41. My deepest condolences to the Dupree family for such a tragic loss. This just shows to always check up on people since you never know when it’ll be too late. She was a resilient, strong headed woman who new how to hold down a family. She held a hand in raising my mother and for that I’m eternally greatful. She was good people. I’ll never forget going to her house, playing with my adopted cousins and sitting on the squeaky plastic coveree furniture while ww waited for yummy meals I can still taste. She was firm but always had everyone’s best intentions in mind. She truly was a treasure who will be missed. Sending all my love, Yasmine Verma

  42. We are heartbroken by the loss of our aunt. Aunt Sallie will be sorely missed. We cannot wait for the day when we will see her again on a Paradise Earth.

    Love Dolores, Barry, Deshawn, Rena, and Andrea Gillian

  43. Cookie, Tanya, Bobby, Chris and Rickey. I just wanted to add to my comments regarding my dear Aunt Sallie. I have fond memories of the family coming together on 624 Hancock St., Brooklyn, NY. I Will never forget the fun we all use to have. I also had an wonderful opportunity to be with Aunt Sallie and Aunt Addie a few years ago on my trip to New York. We were all together at an Assembly and we were able to visit Aunt Addie’s sister in a nursing home. My dear cousins, please just remember that Aunt Sallie is taking a power nap and can be in no better place but Jehovah’s Memory waiting to be call. Job 14: 13-15. Love you All. Rebecca & Terry Reyes

  44. Hello Cookie:
    My heartfelt sympathies go out to you. As a part of your extended family, Jimmy’s first cousin, and living in DC, I didn’t get a chance to see your Mom often. However, it was a treat last Summer when my family and your family had a chance to be together for a cookout at your daughter’s new home in Maryland.
    Even though I didn’t know the very stylish lady well, I certainly was aware of the wonderful bond between you, your mom, and your daughter. Reading all of the tributes that are expressed here, from family and friends, has given me a full picture of her life and its many dimensions. It is clear that she gave her love freely and I felt the love others feel for her in the many messages that have been left here.
    Losing your Mom is one of the most significant milestones in life. However, your own life of love and service are a living example of the gift that her life represents.
    Much love, Gladys Mack and family.

  45. Dupree sorry to hear about your loss, losing a Mother causes so much pain. You never really get over your Mom passing on, you just deal with it over the years. I lost my Mom years ago, and I truly know how you’re feeling. God Bless You, and may your Mom Rest In Peace 🙏🏾 , my condolences to you and your family!!!! Pope.

  46. Judy, I am so deeply saddened for you for this heartbreaking loss of you and your entire family. I met her briefly at the Network Conference in Baltimore, and in seeing her with you and your crew, all I could think of was, “she did a great job!” You may be wondering how you will ever get over this, and the truth is, you won’t – that’s been my experience as well as many others. However, you will learn to live with it, and as time goes on, it means thinking of her daily in all you do, because more than likely she planted the seed for what you do. And those thoughts will make you smile, laugh, cry sometimes, but she lives in you forever, and is waiting for you to join her. My mom passed 22+ years ago, and not one day passes when I don’t think of her, and it’s a loving feeling. Keep her in your heart always, and use her example to chart the rest of your own life. Blessings and Godspeed – cw

  47. Everyday with you was Mothers day. I miss you so much i don’t know how im going to go through life without you. I knew you couldn’t live forever, but I wish you didn’t have to go now . 💔 No more pain. 😪

  48. As Today Marks Mother’s Day I Want To Say Happy Mother’s Day To The Worlds Greatest Great-Grandmother/Mother Figure In My Life. You Watched Me From A Baby, You Took Me Shopping, You Held A Roof Over Me and My Mothers Head, You Took Me To The Kingdom Hall To Teach Me About Jehovah, You Took Me To Ur Safe Haven In NC And Fed Me Everyday Making Three Meals A Day, You Came To My Graduation, You Came To See Me Walk Across The Stage At 1 Police Plaza, You Have Done So Much For Me That Has Gone Unnoticed And For That I Thank You. To Know I Can’t Call U Right Now Hurts And I Cry As I Write This Message Because I Miss U Dearly. If there’s one thing I don’t tell you enough, it’s “thank you.” First and foremost, thank you for being born. It might sound funny, but I’m serious. You started this crazy family long ago and your legacy just keeps on growing. Even though our family is huge and each one of us is different from the next, there’s one thing we all have in common: our love for you. You’ve set the perfect example for our family, and for that, I am so grateful. Thank you for being a master in the kitchen. I don’t care what anyone says, a grandma’s cooking is the best. I don’t know what she does to make her macaroni and cheese and collard greens taste as good they do, but I’m fairly certain it’s illegal for something to be that delicious. Thank you for all the good times in NC going to Red & White, Walmart, or just sitting and watching House of Payne, or The Price is Right. Thank you for the advice when I needed it. Thank you for believing in me when at times I didn’t believe in myself. Thank you for knowing and pushing me beyond my limits and telling me I will be great with whatever I do in life. I love you and Happy Mother’s Day. ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  49. I miss you so much. I go to the gravesite knowing that you and daddy can’t hear me but maybe its part of my therapy for me to try to cope with this sad situation I miss you so much . My world will never be the same without you. I Pray to Jehovah all the time. Thank you for being my mother and best friend. The boys miss you so much especially hunter

  50. Today you would have been 88 years old. And yesterday Christina your Grand daughter had a son. You dreamed about having another great grand son for months beforenyoubpassed away and it happened. You were so happy when I told you that it was a boy. But unfortunately you weren’t able to see Aden come into the world. He arrived a day before your birthday. And he is huge; almost 9lbs. Big chris, Little Chris and I went out to you and daddys grave today. I miss you everyday. Its like a bad dream. But I will continue to go out there no matter what until Jehovah wakes you and Daddy up. I love you both. Until we meet again my Queen and King. Love you mommy my forever true friend who loved unconditionally. 😘💔

  51. So sorry for the loss of your dear mother but looking forward to the time she will be resurrected back to life on a paradise earth. We will all cry tears of joy when that day happens and we meet up with our dear lost loved ones again. With you in your time of sadness.

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