25 years ago at my home in Laurelton, Queens

  1. Yvette, my dear friend, sister, homie. It’s still like a dream I need to awake from. I know we are all passing through; but this is too soon. We’ve shared so many years of friendship and togetherness. We are family. Gone too soon; the easy smile, the hearty laughter, his cheerful spirit. His caring and kindness, complimented by a beautiful generous wife. The love of his 2 lovely daughters, now just a memory. “It’s so hard to lose our loved ones to the grave; But I know you’ll have the strength that Jesus gave. Soon God will wipe the teardrops from our eyes’ When we all meet in our home beyond the skies” Until then my beloved friends; be strong in the Lord. Cherish the Blessed Hope; and let us keep faithful. RIP Dan. We miss you my friend. We’ll see you in the morning. (Pauline, aka Haplyn, and family.) 09/30/2020