Smith haven mall with Dominique

  1. Dominique,
    RIP! I still miss you and i love you so much! I’m really sorry about everything that was ever negative that happened between you and i! After you and i stopped talking at the time in March 2018 i regretted on my part to loose you as one of my good friends and remember whenever you and i would hangout at the time i called you as my older soul sister because we had that instant connection of us being soul sisters and we’d always have that same common interest of being the oldest sisters in our families! I remember at the time you took me to my first AA meeting with you in Hauppauge and hearing many other people’s stories about their past drug and alcohol addiction was very different because we all have a story and i always wanted to continue having that clean and sober life at the time in 2017-2018 because i didn’t want you to personally end up being like me because my life isn’t fairytale at all and i was only always looking out for you because I always cared about you and i still do! You’re a beautiful soul and you’ll always be in my heart and my condolences to the Rea family and Dominique’s friends as well! Everyday of my Life i always wished each and everyday of my life that I could go back in time and not allowed this to happen and have her come back here living on earth again but not only with myself but her family and her friends too! I’m really sorry i just want my friend back and see her in person again! I’m expecting and I’m due this August and I’ve chosen my baby’s middle name officially Dominique for a girl and Dominick for a boy in Honor of my older soul sister Dominique Catherine Rea
    July 13, 1995- May 29, 2019

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